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Friday, July 08, 2016

Letters from Blog Readers
Hello SUMAN Sir,
                          I am PRASHANT from MUMBAI.I work for BHARAT PETROLEUM CORPORATION LTD MUMBAI REFINERY. I am your regular follower of your blog. Because of you I have gained good profit in UNITECH LTD. 

I am your sincere and religious follower. I had bought RASOYA PROTEIN 1 year before. Please guide me about RASOYA PROTEIN. I can hold for more period just need your valuable guidance. Waiting for your reply. My mobile numbers are 99**079949 (Whatsapp number) / 809**79949.
Dear Investors, 
                         Thanks for following my blog posts and congratulations for your winning stroke in Unitech Ltd. For Unitech Ltd, the short term targets are still Rs.12-15. Yesterday, I spoke with the head of research of a Delhi-based brokerage house, for their view on Unitech Ltd and they are also positive on the scrip, because of the improved fundamentals of the real estate/construction sectors. 

Meanwhile, there is still NO positive news in Rasoya Proteins Ltd, as of n ow; however, since this year monsoon has been predicted to be good, we can look forward for a reasonably good soybean prices. As you must remember, high soybean prices is deterring the company to start operations in the new plant. The company's main plant is still closed, unless that is put in use, nothing much will happen in the counter. One positive is that GDR issue has been more or less solved. 

Tthe company is in contact with various financial institutions, to restructure its loan portfolio. So, at this stage, I would not ask you, NOT to put fresh funds in the scrip, unless some clarity comes. I am expecting some positives post, September, 2016. 

2ndly, since you are already trading through some broker and my well-wisher, I shall be obliged, if you join my brokerage company (www.bmawc.com), so that I make a little from your trading/s; this will help me cover up a part of the research cost. This is an appeal to all my ardent blog readers. 

Thanks and regards... 
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