Tuesday, July 26, 2016

(i) Accumulate Reliance Communications Ltd (Rs.50.70) in all declines till the middle of next month,
when Reliance Jio Ltd is tentative to be launched. Reliance Communications last year tied up with the Silicon Valley-based Jasper to provide Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, starting with the companies belonging to the Indian conglomerate.

The tie-up will provide solutions to the upcoming smart cities, making electricity distribution grids smarter for public safety and on the healthcare front.

The return on investment through the implementation of IoT solutions, which can be loosely described as a network of inter-connected devices that can be accessed through the Internet, is "HUGE".

For instance, with IoT, street lights will automatically go off when they sense no traffic on the roads and consequently save power.

Another application could be a smart band that will automatically alert physician when body vitals go to abnormal levels.

The deployment of the solutions will not always be "captive", that is within the group companies, and will also be rolled out commercially.

The system works on a revenue share between the two partners, with the partnership, all the five critical components needed for IoT, including data centres, connectivity, local networks connecting sensors, analytics and sensors are now in place.

(ii) The correction in Unitech Ltd (Rs.7) seems to be over. The investors, can take fresh entry in the counter, for a revised target of Rs.12. 

(iii) Karuturi Global Ltd (Rs.1.60) could give good returns to the investors over a period. The investors should buy the scrip in intra-day declines.

(iv) The shares of JSW Energy Ltd is not performing as expected and hence you can either book small profits or exit with no loss no gain and enter Karuturi Global Ltd at Rs.1.60.

(v) The shares of Syncom Formulations Ltd (Rs.3.16) has a long way to go. Keep holding till the targets of Rs.5-7, is reached. 
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