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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Investors Needed
I am looking for investors, who is ready to park at least Rs.4-5
crores in various projects, which are listed below: 

1. I am looking for investors of a Bollywood Commercial Film, which is 80% complete and the distributors have verbally agreed to pay around Rs.2-2.5 Cr, upon release. The fund needed is only Rs.30-40 lakhs. The release could be done in two months on getting the funds. The director of the film  is personally to me and his daughter is working with a reputed Film and Television production house. 

Also, I am looking for fresh funds, of around Rs.80-90 lakhs for a feature film, which has a wonderful story to tell; apart from the usual commercial kicks. Its songs have the Lyrics and Music from well known Bollywood celebrities (from the Lyrics and Music Fields). I would be the Executive Producer and one of the Directors, and hence you need not worry about transparency. Expected Gains: 100% within 3-4 months. 

2. Investors are needed for government sponsored Television Serials and Telefilms. The fund needed is Rs.50-60 lakhs, on the basis of works obtained from various government agencies. Since, they are obtained through competitive bidding, from government of India, hence the investors' money is secured. 

3. I have few scrips from the A-group and B-group, which could give you stupendous returns on BUY and HOLD basis, for 1-2 years. I am looking for HNI investors, who can park  at least Rs.1-2 crores or may be more in these scrips. 

The returns after one year, would not attract any Capital Gains Tax and at the same, since they are thoroughly researched, the risk would be limited. The profit would be shared in the ratio of 50:50 basis. 

Also, those who want to maximize their returns from the upcoming bull market, can take the help of me, to trade on their behalf. The profit would be shared in the ratio of 75:25% between you and me. Minimum Portfolio size should be Rs.2 lakhs. 

4. I am looking for investors, for some Real Estate Projects in Assam, Kolkata and Bombay. 

By the way, a land parcel of 100 acres, ideal for setting up resorts, Tea Gardens (with solar projects) and Horticulture Projects, is out for sale at Rs.2 Crore (negotiable), in South Assam. The said land is only 30 minutes drive from a newly constructed Broad Gauge Railway Station; from where long distant trains for Delhi, Kolkata, Bombay, etc, are scheduled. 

If you are interested then kindly mail me at: sumanm2007s@gmail.com / suman2005s@rediffmail.com. 

By the way, I have lost my Tab (mobile) and hence I am cut off from Whatsapp - - the inconvenience caused is regretted. 
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