Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Important: Trend Is Your Friend
Friends, my observation on the current trend in Indian stock market/s, is mainly pivoted on two factors:
(i) Small and Mid cap counters are being bought by the investors/traders (after Mr.Shankar Sharma turned bullish),
(ii) An overall Rally is seen in Infrastructure Stocks (not much on real estate counters). 
Therefore, your focus should be in these spaces, in order to make quick money from the Indian bourses. 

Apart from this you can go full hog on the beaten down telecom counters (Idea Cellular Ltd, Reliance Communications Ltd, etc). 

Let me give you some safe stock ideas, where still you can make some money in the next 10-20 days:  

1. Gammon Infrastructure Projects Ltd: The scrip can move above Rs.10, due to positive development regarding its debt reduction. The share can be bought at the CMP of Rs.5.20. According to me the scrip of Gammon Infrastructure Ltd, is better than Gammon India Ltd (Rs.12).

2. Jaiprakash Associates Ltd: This is one of the most undervalued stocks in the infrastructure sector, considering the mammoth-ness of the company and considering the present optimism regarding setting up on an infrastructure fund to take care of the debts of the companies like Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. The circuit limit of the stock has been increased to 20%, today. So, buy this scrip for a target of Rs.17-18 in the next 6-9 months. 

3. Lanco Infratech Ltd: This is one of the beaten down infrastructure counters. It has been recommended earlier also. I still recommend a buy at the CMP of Rs.5.20, for a target of around Rs.9-10, in the next 15-20 days. 

4. Reliance Communications Ltd: Till now the government has stressed more on setting up an infrastructure fund to help the indebted companies in  the infrastructure sector.

However, if like China, India too comes up with an overall mechanism, to help the debt ridden from all the sectors, then Reliance Communications Ltd (Rs.48.20), with a debt of over Rs.39, 000 Crores would be one biggest beneficiaries. 

Buy this share at the CMP of Rs.48-48.20, for a target of Rs.72, in the next 2 months. Along with this you can also buy the stock of Idea Cellular Ltd at around Rs.100. 

Also, you all know that Reliance Communications Ltd (Rs.48.20) will give decent returns, once the deal with MTS and Aircel gets completed; but some of you are still fearful to enter it....why? It is because the so-called analysts, who hop from one TV channel to another, are creating confusions in your minds, isn't it?

If you want to make money, then either you have to do independent research, which is very costly and time consuming or you can depend on someone (or some such chosen investment gurus). Am I right? So, the decision is yours....I can only show the best alternatives, but the choice of picking up your favorable route, depends on you.  

Those who are holding Union Bank Ltd (Rs.123) or Allahabad Bank Ltd (Rs.53.20), can come out of these two counters and go for infrastructure stocks (not real estate per say). 

Moreover, Unitech Ltd (Rs.5.48), basically a real estate counter is near my 2nd target of Rs.6 and hence you can book some profits and enter any of the above mentioned or your choice-able infrastructure counters. 

Also, avoid stocks like IVRCL Ltd (Rs.5.15). Those who have entered McLeod Russel Ltd (Rs.200) can also book profits and wait for dips to enter. 
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