Monday, May 16, 2016

Do You Know?
That negative WPI is NOT GOOD for any economy, be it India or the US or the UK. 

For India, the WPI inflation in April came in POSITIVE for the first time in last 18 months, rising to 0.34% compared to negative 0.85% in preceding month. 

This marks the end of a depressing (or should we call it DEFLATION) era and heralds, the beginning of a POSITIVE START. 

This event is significant for all the sectors, especially the Banking space (SBI @ Rs.76 and PNB @Rs.74 and Allahabad Bank @Rs.50.40, are my top picks in a sector, which is a proxy of Indian economy) should cheer, the development, but unfortunately it selling off. 

As a thumb rule generally 2% inflation is taken to be beneficial for any growing economy. Hence, in future, we might see the sales (or turnover) apart from EBIDTA margins of companies improving; till the inflation numbers do not prove to be a menace once again. 

The Nifty is still down 36 points, but strongly feel that it would not only close in the Green but Nifty might actually close above 7830. 
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