Saturday, March 05, 2016

Why is Rs.500 note banned in State Run Non-AC buses?
Rs.500 note cannot be used in non-AC BEST buses
Rs.500 is BANNED in Non-AC state run buses (BEST, NMMT, TMT, KDMT, etc) in Mumbai (Bombay). These buses of sundry banners are run by various divisions of the government of Maharashtra, especially the Municipalities.

The conductor simply refuses to take the note even if he/she does have change in its kitty; on the pretext that it has duplicates in the market. It is to be noted that Rs.500 note is a legal tender.

Oh, is it??!! But then why is the government of India allowing even high value banking transaction with such (Rs.500) notes? Why is the government not picking them up and destroying them,  if the matter is so serious, why??

Moreover, if there was no change for Rs.31-ticket (Mhape to Dindoshi) then the case would have been different. Isn't it? But it is a serious criminal offence, a case of public harassment.

As  a fallout of this, I had to get down twice from such buses and had shell out a high auto rickshaw charge/fare, while on my way from Mhape (New Bombay) to Infinity Mall, Malad (Bombay).

I was infact surprised to see a few Marathi speaking commuters supporting  this Criminal offence (using often heard typical Mumbaiya lingua of "Tum and Tu") !!!! 

The conductors of many such buses commented in their own style. One said, " Sabko malum hai ki Rs.500 ka note, non-AC bus mein chalta nahin, tumko kaise malum nahi hai?" (everyone knows that, how you do not know)?

When I said, I will call the media guys to publish such nees in leading dsilies, one such undaunted conductor on board the bus to Dhindoshi (Goregaon) from MBP (Mhape) said sternly, "Kissi ko bhi bulao, Jo tumhare marji karo, lekin bus se abhi utro, nahi to bus age nahi jayega, yahi pe khada rahega" (You call whoever you like, but get down first or else the bus will not move from here). Who gives these guys such absolute powers to commit such types of criminal offence, with impunity?

It is criminal offense to refuse a currency note issued by the Government of India, without any valid reason. I think like me, many other passengers have already suffered such harassments in the hands of drivers and conductors of the state run buses in the.

Moreover, why there is no Private sector participation in this space? Why is the government of Maharashtra so keen to support this loss making, white elephant?

Is Bombay going to the dogs? What is the current BJP government doing here..? Should I file a PIL or Police complaint against the government of Maharashtra?

Banned in Maharashtra government
 run non-AC buses
Also, I have pointed out in many occasions that not only the conductors but most of the state run buses are Ill-mannered and starts the buses before the commuters have actually boarded them, creating ample chances of accidents? 

What is solution guys? Why is the government of Maharashtra bent on harassing the common man, on the streets?
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