Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rs.500 notes: To be or Not to be....!!
After my article on my blog: SumanSpeaks, titled "Why is Rs.500 note banned in state run non-AC buses"; regarding the harassments faced due to non-acceptance of Rs.500 notes in Non-AC buses in Bombay; the administration has perhaps woken up from deep slumber.

On my way from Dombivli to Vashi (New Bombay), I found this conductor accepting Rs.500 note/s. 

After some initial hesitation and repeated requests he decided to pose/stand in front of my camera...Thank you gentleman, hope the erring ones will take cues from you.

Now if you face such problems in Bombay toss these photos in front of them. 

Hope the agencies of the state government of Maharashtra running bus services in Mumbai (Bombay), stops flouting the laws of Indian Union.

Bus No: MH-43 / H-5283
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