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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Questions From the Blog Readers
I am a regular reader of your blog.you provide very valuable information regarding the share and it is very useful to the small investors. I have (xxxx) lakh share of Rasoya protein @ .40 paise and I want to add more.How is the future of this compnay? I can hold for more than two years.

I have also (xxxx) shares of suzlon @ 15.00.How is the future of this company? I can hold as long as suggested.

Awaiting your reply....
Thanking you,
Ketan Acharya
E-mail: ketan.acharya 2002@gmail.com
 1. Rasoya Proteins Ltd (Re.0.25) has successfully resolved a part of the GDR issue and is hoping to get a favourable verdict from the SAT. Also, it is in conversion with various lending banks to restructure its loans. The company is also taking measures to open its main plant and its power plants.
However, the last three positive news are still in the realm of speculation. Therefore, those who are punters can increase their holdings in the scrip, while risk averse investors should wait for some more time for the froth to get cleared, before taking fresh positions. For the moment the scrip is likely to trade in the range of Re.0.25-0.30.

2. The fortunes of Suzlon Ltd are still unclear. Moreover, fall in crude oil price is negative for the scrip. In such circumstances, I would suggest you to book profit in the stock at around Rs.17-18-21.70 and enter any share in the IT, FMCG or Auto space (for short term investors). However, long term investors can hold the counter with a SL of Rs.12.70.
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