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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The face value of the shares of the Gems and Jewelry company, Rajesh Exports Ltd is Re.1 (one) and the share is being traded at a whooping price of Rs.636.85, which means for Rs.10, FV, the share should trade at Rs.6368.5. 

In comparison Gitanjali Gems Ltd has a face value of Rs.10 and is now trading at Rs.39. Moreover, the P/E of Gitanjali Gems Ltd (Rs.39) is only 14.26 as compared to 60.38 of Rajesh Exports Ltd. The industry P/E is meanwhile is placed at 35.84. 

This means that, even if Gitanjali Gems Ltd gets a decent P/E of 20, then the share price should cross Rs.50, in the short term. Therefore, investing in Gitanjali Gems Ltd even at the current price of Rs.39, looks more appropriate and risk free than investing in the shares of Rajesh Exports Ltd. 

However, on the flip side, Rajesh Exports Limited (REL) is a ZERO DEBT COMPANY company which over the years, has grown to be the largest gold jewellery manufacturing company in the world. The company has set up the world’s largest gold jewellery manufacturing facility at White Field, Bangalore, with a capacity to process 250 tons of gold into world’s finest Jewellery. 

Totally REL has a capacity to manufacture 350 tons of gold products. The facility is spread over 12 acres of land with a built up area of 500000 sqft. REL is also the lowest cost gold Jewellery manufacturing company in the world. 

The company has recently acquired 100% stake in Valcambi, the world’s largest gold refinery with headquarters at Switzerland. With this acquisition the company has emerged as the single largest constituent of the global gold business. REL is the only company in the world with a presence across the complete value chain of gold from Refining, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Export and Retail of gold products. 
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