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Yakub Memon, Mumbai blasts convict, loses SC appeal; to be hanged
[Editor: It is unfortunate to note that Narendra Modi government has started following those foolish "Arabs", the Communist China and the US, apart from a host of other countries, who use this kind of "Eye-for-an-eye-justice System or Retributive Justice System", to correct their societies. Also, there is No proof that the Death penalty prevents crime...

On March 7, 2015, the world woke up to a horror when the media flashed the news that Iran's judicial system which believes in the ancient concept of "an eye for an eye"-- literally; forcibly blinded a man convicted of blinding another man in an acid attack. Even Saudi Arabia and many Islamic States follow such systems, which are outdated in almost the whole of Europe and some parts of American Continent. 

Moreover, following the
Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran inside
the workshop of Kerobokan jail in Bali
executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran in Bali, debate about the role of the death penalty in society has led to calls for Australia to push for an end to the punishment around the world. 

But what a pity, India under Narendra Modi, instead of showing a new way to the world, is unfortunately trying out those old and obsolete methods, the progressive world has started to reject or protest tooth and nail---that Narendra Modi lacks innovation capabilities is proved once again. 

Bottomline is that: India should abolish Death Penalty or Capital Punishment at the earliest, to avoid brutalization of Indian societies. Moreover, what will India get by "Murdering" a qualified Chartered Account, instead of making him or use his knowledge for free to teach the poor and downtrodden (as a punishment)? This would have been more intelligent instead of those hackneyed methods. 

Very recently, the Malaysian Insider reported that in Indonesia, an interpretation of shariah promoting a moratorium on the death penalty has been raised, but it is unfavourable to many Muslim scholars. Amid the uproar concerning the death penalty for Indonesian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia, as well as that of drug convicts in Indonesia, opposing voices in the name of Islam are barely heard. 

Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the largest Muslim organisation in Indonesia, considered moderate by many, condemned the death penalty for migrant workers in Saudi Arabia, yet supported the death penalty for drug convicts. But in general, the death penalty is a non-issue for Islamic organisations.

Capital punishment, along with corporal punishment, is prescribed in Islamic scripture so it is very difficult, though not impossible, to have a voice of Islam that is against the Death Penalty.

But then is India an Islamic State....?

Anyway,  digging a bit of history let me point out that Yukub Memon scored 70% in the state secondary board exams and went on to complete his Masters in Commerce from Burhani College of Commerce & Arts, even as his elder brother, Ibrahim Memon alias Tiger, was making his mark in the Mumbai underworld. After that he enrolled as a student of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in 1986 and become a certified chartered accountant four years later. Meanwhile, on April 9, 2015, ANI News reported that: Yakub Abdul Razak Memon cleared his MA political science exam from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Nagpur. His penchant for education has led Yakub Memon, a chartered accountant by profession, to take admission in MA (Political Science) course even after having a masters degree in English subject. IGNOU (Nagpur) Regional Director Dr P Sivaswaroop said that Memon scored second division marks in his exam and was always curious during the study sessions to know about the topics. I am appalled to see, how the government machinery is used to take revenge. 

Memon, always claimed that he did not know about his brother’s dealings, which the Honourable Supreme Court rejected. 

The First Post writes  on July 21, 2015: He set up a firm with his childhood friend, Chaitanya Mehta, called “Mehta and Memon Associates”. A year later, they parted ways and Memon set up his independent firm, "AR & Sons", in memory of his father. This firm proved so successful that he was conferred the Best CA Award by the Memon community in Mumbai. He diversified into exports and set up a company, Tejrath International, to export meat and meat products to the Gulf and Middle East. In a very short period, Memon became a financial success and invested in six flats in the Al-Hussaini Building in Mahim, close to the famous Mahim Dargah.

In this context, I also want to know more about Mulchand Shah Choksi. I feel that though the charges against him are serious, but then hanging a man to avenge the death of another, is as primitive as doing operation without anesthetic. 

Therefore, it is really pathetic to note: why Bharat-Varsha or India is made to follow those stupid Arabs, the headstrong USA and the communist China, when the Indian Justice System is more inclined towards the British Jurisprudence and the country is known for non-violence movements throughout the world. Can we have a Prime Minister, who is more progressive and innovative??!!]

Jul 21, 2015: The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed the curative petition of Yakub Memon, the only convict sentenced to death for his role in the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts case, paving the way for his execution on July 30 in Nagpur's Central Jail.

Yakub is likely to be hanged in the Central Jail on the scheduled day after his last legal attempt to escape the gallows was turned down by the apex court.

Hindustan Times reported on July 15 that the state government plans to hang Yakub at Nagpur jail on July 30 if the Supreme Court turns down his mercy plea on July 21. The government initiated the process of Yakub's execution after the Supreme Court on April 9 rejected a petition seeking a review of his death sentence by a trial court.

President Pranab Mukherjee turned down Memon's mercy plea last year.

Yakub's relatives in south Mumbai have already been informed of his impending execution.

"According to a Supreme Court directive, relatives must be informed 15 days before the execution. The death warrant was issued on Monday and served to [Yakub’s] relatives on Tuesday. Jail authorities in Nagpur also have been informed to allow them to prepare for the hanging," said a home department official, who did not wish to be named.

Yakub's family, particularly his wife, Raheen and young daughter, are expected to arrive either on Tuesday or Wednesday for a visit, probably their last one, before his hanging.

Yakub, a chartered accountant, is the brother of fugitive terror mastermind Ibrahim Mushtaq 'Tiger' Memon. According to the CBI, which investigated the case, Tiger Memon got Yakub involved in planning the serial blasts, which killed 257 people and injured about 700 on March 12, 1993.

Yakub was sentenced to death by a designated TADA court in 2007, after it found him guilty of playing a key role in the criminal conspiracy. The CBI alleged that the blasts were planned by Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memon and others.

The Supreme Court subsequently upheld Yakub's death penalty while commuting the sentences of 11 others to life imprisonment. President Pranab Mukherjee turned down Yakub's mercy plea last year.

Meanwhile, sources said Yakub has been keeping a low profile at Nagpur Central Jail. He was shifted there in August 2007 from Yerwada jail as part of a move to ease overcrowding in the Pune prison.

Preparations for his hanging are underway and schedule for the day has also been decided.

Yakub will be woken up at 3am. He will be given a bath at 3.10am. At 3.20 am, he will be given time to pray. He will be served a breakfast of his choice at 3.25am. At 3.30am, the recitation of religious texts will be done. At 3.40am, he will be taken to the gallows.

At 3.45am, Yakub will be informed about the crime he committed and to feel remorse about it. At 3.50am, he will be told about the crime for which he is being hanged. At 4am, the noose will be tightened around his neck and he will be hanged.

After this, the doctors will examine his body and then a message will be sent to the home minister about the hanging. Later, Yakub's closest family will be conveyed the news over the phone.

The entire proceedings of July 30, 2015 will be monitored and witnessed by a select group of people, including senior officers of the jail administration, senior police officers, a lawyer, a couple of doctors and a person of repute who will act as a 'panch'.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times
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