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Sunday, April 12, 2015

There are media reports that Cameco Corp, Canada’s biggest uranium producer, would reap a revenue windfall once a sales agreement is finalized with India, while boosting employment in its home province.
A deal would be “huge,” yielding hundreds of millions in revenue and supporting jobs in the mining sector, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said in an interview with Bloomberg News on Friday. He was asked to comment on a possible agreement by Saskatchewan-based Cameco to provide uranium for nuclear power.

“It’ll mean tax revenue, it’ll mean job retention, it’ll mean new jobs, if in fact there is an agreement here with India,” Wall said by telephone. “Depending on all the specifics, you’re going to be talking about hundreds of millions of dollars worth of sales over some period of time.”

Narendra Modi, went to Canada to give them benefit or India? It is true that India currently requires three times as much uranium as it produces to fuel its reactors; but then without getting a reciprocal benefit, why is he signing such a huge deal which will basically benefit the Canadians more than Indians? 

Day by day, Modi-nomics is turning out to be disastrous for Indian economy. While there is no money (or shortage of resources) for public welfare schemes in India, Narendra Modi is on a "Shopping Blitzkrieg" hopping from one country to another, funded by poor tax payers money. 

It is to be noted that India has recently signed a multi-billion-dollar deal to buy 36 fighter jets from France; while the country is running a high FD and CAD. These kinds of whimsical-economic-decisions  are putting pressure on some sectors like Gems and Jewelry. Also, there are no efforts to curb the dumping of steel, from China, Russia, Japan, etc. 

I am asking: Narendra Modi government is preparing for which "WAR", that it is going hammer and tongs, as far as the purchase of defense equipments are concerned? Normally when diplomacy fails, a war breaks out, Isn't it?

The truth is that, it is only due to industry and hard work of India Inc, that we are witness some improvement in the IIP numbers, otherwise, there is little help from the NDA government to shore up the Indian economy; with an amateur Finance Minister at the helm.  

Those who rooted for Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India, might be the most disappointed ones. 
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