Presidential Elections: Support Dr.Meira Kumar

Bihar and Jharkhand governments have no choice but to support Dr.Meira Kumar. As defeat of "Bihar ki Beti" will invariably bring Shame to the Biharis and Jharkhandis (or erstwhile unified Bihar). Do you think that, people of Bihar will leave Nitish Kumar Scott - free, if Dr.Meira Kumar loses ? So, Nitish Kumar has very little option left but to support, Dr.Meira Kumar.

Moreover, if Nitish Kumar wants to fall in the BJP's well calculated electoral TRAP no one can save him in the next election.

Also, I am surprised to see Mr.Navin Pattanayak, so easily chewing the RSS bait. Orissa is a state, where there is large chunk of Tribal Christian voters loyal to the BJD (Biju Janata Dal). I am still to fathom, BJD's sudden electoral gamble of siding with the RSS and the BJP; when Mr.Pattanayak has been maintaining distance from them since some time.

Besides, the election of Dr.Meira Kumar, who is educated, experienced and very sober, might also correct some of the historical mistakes of not making her father, the Prime Minister of India.

Also, I don't think all the Muslim and Christian MPs and MLAs from the TDP and TRS will ever support a RSS backed Candidate, who acted against Dalit Christian and Muslin reservations. Therefore, invariably cross voting will take place, which might give the underdog, Ms.Kumar, a win. Support Dr.Meira Kumar, give a conscience vote and make her the 2nd Female President of India.

All the best to Dr.Meira Kumar.....👍✌

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rabies is almost 100% Fatal: Keep away from un-vaccinated Dogs, Cats, Bats, Horses, etc
Photo Editor: Suman Mukherjee
Mumbai (Bombay) Metropolitan Region (MMR) and Navi Mumbai (New Bombay) are the Heavens for stray dogs and cats.  This has put the lives of common citizens in jeopardy, with successive state governments virtually doing very little to stop this menace. 

Many people object to killing these animals rather than sterilizing them, to limit their population; giving various arguments. This is one of the major problems, faced by the BMC, to make the streets free of stray dogs and cats. 
You can see that Australia is almost RABIES FREE,
while look at the Asian and African Countries.....!!

I think you know that dogs have a major religious significance among the Hindus in Nepal and India, particularly in Mithlanchal, North Bengal and Sikkim. The dogs are worshiped as a part of a five-day Tihar festival that falls roughly in November every year. In Hinduism, it is believed that dogs guard the doors of Heaven and Hell. This makes the task of their elimination, even more difficult; as their is a religious sentiment attached to them.... 

But, I do not find any reason why the Stray dogs and cats should not be summarily killed to safeguard the human population!! What is the benefit of having a stray dog barking the whole day and sometimes biting, without any notice?

By the way, when innocent Chickens (hens and cocks), Goats, Sheep, Buffalos, etc are butchered by half-slitting their throats, then what happens to these "Conscience Keepers" called "Animal Lovers"? If they cannot stop people from eating meat of animals, murdered in such a pathetic way, then what is the harm to kill these 4-legged-living-time-bombs?

In Mumbai, after lot of complaints and push, at last the  Devendra Gangadharrao Fadnavis government has decided to set up temporary sterilization centres in every node to curb population of stray dogs. 

But I feel that instead of spending time on such soft measures, the government should bring in an amendment to kill the stray ones, so that the lives of the people are safe in Mumbai and other Indian cities. 

Meanwhile, the Honourable Supreme Court, last month agreed to examine whether municipal bodies can kill stray dogs merely on a complaint that they have become a "nuisance" to the public. A bench of Justices Dipak Misra and Prafulla C Pant said that it will look into the contradiction in animal welfare laws on what constitutes 'nuisance'. 

Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act says that if it receives a complaint that a dog has become a source of nuisance to the public, they can seize the offending animal and put it to sleep permanently. But you know India has lot of archaic laws and one of them  formulated under the central law - Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960 - does not allow this. The 1960 law only permits the extermination of rabid, terminally-ill or mortally wounded dogs, and not nuisance-causing dogs. 

The court was hearing a bunch of petitions filed by an organization called People for Elimination of Stray Animals, seeking killing of stray dogs and by animal's right activists for protecting stray animals. 
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