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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rasoya Proteins Ltd tanked at the end of day to Re.45 in the NSE and Re.49 in the BSE, after one entity SHAH & SHAH sold 8482663 shares of the company at Re 0.49 per share on NSE today (Feb 25, 2015). There seems to be a pattern in selling but our regulators, who pesters innocent investors, if they hold around 80, 000 shares of Rohit Ferro Tech (this actually with one of my NRI friend cum client) are simply unmoved and quiet. If there is ghost in the medicine, how to cure the disease? I strongly feel that, now with an unprincipled Prime Minister, like Narendra Modi at the centre such things will only increase in future; unless something drastic happens. I know SEBI will shout fire, fire, when the horse has already bolted the door. It is to be understood that a stock cannot hit repeated LCs, not for days but for months, without the active help (Connivance) of the vested groups. I would therefore, suggest all, not to take fresh positions in the counter, till some clarity emerges in the trading style of the scrip. However, I would like to end my comment with a positive note that, Money Control has changed the book value of the shares of Rasoya Proteins Ltd to Rs.3.07 from Rs.2.07; after my write up in this blog and in various other platforms. 
Resurgere Mines and Minerals Ltd today touched Rs.2.22 (Upper Ciruits at Rs.2.23) up 5.42% in the BSE before closing at Rs.2.14. The stock has given more than 40% returns in a matter of few days. The scrip is rising due to the change is sector outlook and not due to some expected corporate announcement--as was mentioned earlier. Resurgere Mines and Minerals India, is a Mumbai-based firm that has the requisite expertise to extract iron ore and sells it to sponge iron makers. If the export duty on low grade iron ore fines is reduced the companies like Resurgere Mines and Minerals Ltd can again start trading in full throttle---and remember for trading one does not need to buy a mine; it can be done from a leased mines too. Since, the last few years, the trading in low grade iron ore fines virtually came to a halt due to Supreme Court Judgement and also due to faulty government policies. 
Western India Shipyard Ltd hit the UC today at Rs.2.25. The CDR money has started to flow in the company and hence good days are ahead for the shareholders. 
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