Wednesday, February 18, 2015

If  you are looking for loans at BARGAIN INTEREST RATES (6-11%, but conditions apply), from Private Financiers, then you can immediately contact me (till the fund remains) for more details at: or 

You will have to pay a one time "Service Charge" of around 2-3% (conditions apply) on the loan amount; but since the interest rate would be LOW and you would get it processed at a lightening pace (Usual Time: 2-3 weeks), I feel it should not bother you. Also, the paper works are much less here....

Listed and unlisted companies (especially those who want to replace their high cost debts with low cost ones), can also approach me for project loans above Rs.500 crore (Rs.5 billion plus) at interest rate below 6% per year (Conditions apply).  

Hence, rush your applications today. Minimum Loan Amount is Rs.3 lakhs for personal loan and Rs.5 lakhs for other types of loans.
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