Saturday, January 10, 2015

Do you know ?
Why did the loss making and pledged share company Pipavav Defence and Offshore Engineering Ltd suddenly moved up this week and touched Rs.60.25 in the BSE, without the presence of any fresh positive news? The stock was finding difficulty to cross even Rs.47, when so many positive news on defence came-out. But when there is no news, it suddenly spurted. And that in such a ways that in two days, the scrip gave more than 25 per cent returns. Why? Any guesses?

Yes, it is because an OPERATOR named Sudarshan Sukhani, asked the investor community to buy the scrip in a Business Channel. Bass!! The movement started. Television is a powerful instrument of mass communication and the operators have been slyly using it, to give artificial movement in the scrips. Anyway, he did a favour to me also: all my recommended levels in this stock, was completed much ahead......Huh!! 

You will find lot of these disguised operators (masked as market-analysts), in various Television Channels. Next time in your definition of operator, include this bunch of people too. 
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