Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Suzlon Energy Ltd today touched Rs.14.85 in the NSE before closing at Rs.14.80 or near the day's high--up 4.59%. This scrip should be accumulated on all declines. If you remember I said the same thing when the stock was trading around Rs.6-10 ranges. After that it raced pass to touch Rs.36.80 in the BSE. The same history will soon repeat, as the company comes up with Q1FY16 results on May, 2015. Will it  not be nice, if your money gets double in 9-12 months time frame? So, where is the harm to hold the share? The stock is already above its 21D and 50D SMA and 21D, EMA. The  next short term targets are Rs.16.30 and Rs.19.70.
Allied Digital Services Ltd today touched Rs.22.10, before closing at Rs.21.15, up 2.14%. This is another turnaround story, after ARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd (Rs.39). 
Reliance Capital Ltd moved to Rs.540.90, before closing at Rs.538. This is the 2nd time the scrip rose to this level after it was recommended a couple of weeks back around Rs.500. I had earlier given a target of Rs.570 for the scrip. 
Western India Shipyard today moved to Rs.2.29, before closing at Rs.2.10--up 6.06%. Once the mining starts in Goa, in full form, the scrip would cross two digits--till then you should have patience to hold. It is from the reputed ABG Shipyard group.
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd closed flat at around Rs.12.63, after moving upto Rs.12.79 intra-day. A chartist long ago mentioned the level of Rs.12.60. It reached this level--it is because these days, the stocks are being manipulated to the hilt by those sitting in front of TV Cameras. The Resistance, Support and other parameters are mental equations, which these marketmen sitting in media rooms use, to the hilt. There is nothing called "VALUATION" in stock market--a scrip will rise as long as investors want it to buy; plain and simple. Another one, Jagannadham Thunuguntla, the Chief Strategist and Head of Research at SMC Global Securities  has already spoken to sell the scrip even though, the Business Standard, writes on 17 November, 2014 that its Asset sale to bring down debt/equity ratio to 2.6x. The report also said, "The Street believes that the deal appears to be a good one prima facie and should substantially ease the financial pressure on the company". So, why is this SELL CALL in front of TV Cameras???!!! It is an irony that that the general investors/traders,  do not think that these marketmen can also make "Grave" mistakes. Did you evaluate some of the BLUNDERS of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala? Anyway, SEBI, should stop this new menace, called "Media Manipulation", instead it is bringing in some RIDICULOUS LAWS, to throttle the voice of the common investors and traders.
Today, as expected, and as was mentioned in the morning report to the Premium Group Members, the market got support, at around 8300 of Nifty. Today, FIIs were buyers of 5.39 Cr of equities, while DIIs were net sellers to the tune of Rs.519.05 Cr. Unless this "Directionless NDA Government", hammers out correct policies, even a stable government (as we have today), will  not be able to bring in more and more FII money. We have a Prime Minister, who is busy hopping from one country to another, like his direct jump from Gujarat to New Delhi. He is good in giving lectures, which are liked by the common man, but he lacks the quality of Mr.L K Advani or Mr.A B Vajpayee or even Smt. Indira Gandhi. He is the kind of "Salesman" who will say and do anything to get votes. Hope he reads my posts and brings in some changes in his style of functioning. Already, I had appreciated his bringing of Mr.Suresh Prabhu and giving a ministry to Babul Baral (Suprioyo), in his recent shake-up. I have spoken umpteen number of times in my Facebook posts to bring Mr.Prabhu, who I strongly feel is a pragmatic man with a brain. 
On the flip side our Prime Minister is talking of spending more and more money in defense preparedness, when world is speaking of "Peace".  Indian Military Expenses, cut away a large portion of tax-payers money....but our Prime Minister, is busy on a spending spree. Army (Defense) officers are already given hefty pay-packages as compared to their qualification and work. Am I right? Tell  me in how many jobs hosted by the government of India, a simple graduate gets around Rs.40, 000 per month, after 10-15 years of work, as a commissioned officer. What I want to say is that Army or Navy or Air Force officers are not doing anything out of "Charity" for India or Indians. What is their work during "Peace Time" ? Now if I say this many of my friends in the Indian defense might get irritated with me. But kindly brood over what I have said. Anyway, we have not heard of any "defense kick-backs' till now in the media--however, I don't know what is happening behind the scene. 
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