Discrimination faced by Mumbaikars...

If the housing societies in Mumbai (Bombay) are only meant for families (married couples), then the government of Maharashtra should make marriage compulsory in the state/city.
Or else the government should tell its citizens where will Unmarried, Divorcees, Bachelors, Spinsters live in the city of skyscrapers or is Bombay only for those who have families.
This is one of the greatest mental blocks of Mumbaikars, who otherwise want to bask in the FALSE HALO of Cosmopolitanism.
This disease (of not giving apartments to Bachelors, Muslims, etc on rent) is specially prevalent in housing societies where the Gujaratis, Marathis and North Indians (to some extent) abound; while the rest of the population is more or less okay with the concept.
The government of Maharashtra should take this matter seriously and devise laws to eradicate this malice ASAP, so that BOMBAY (and its suburbs) becomes free of discrimination based on Marital Status, Religion, etc. Or else the Honourable Supreme Court of India should step in, and give directions to the state or central governments -- so that the fundamental rights of its citizens enshrined in the constitution of India is not violated.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Allied Digital India Office Directory
A2Z Maintenance Engineering Services Ltd hit another buyer freeze yesterday. The scrip closed at Rs.17.20.  During the period ended September 30, 2014, the Company has secured EPC contracts worth approx. Rs.240,000 lacs.
Allied Digital Services Ltd which came out with good set of numbers for the September, 2014, closed at Rs.22.40, yesterday. The company came out with a net profit of Rs.6.14 Cr and EPS of Rs.1.33 in the September, 2014 quarter.. For FY15, the EPS is likely to be Rs.3-3.5. The scrip will cross Rs.30, within a short time. 
Seeing the share price of Resurgere Mines and Minerals Ltd (Rs.1.41) not going anywhere, during this raging bull run, might have left many of you disappointed.....But off late there are lot of happenings in the Indian Mining Sector. On December 3, 2014, the Hindu Business Line reported:
In October, Sandvik announced a plan to set up its sixth manufacturing base in India at $ 45 million (approximately 280 crore at current exchange). But that may not be the end of the investment proposals to the country. According to Kobus Malan, President emerging markets, Sandvik Mining, the company is also relocating number of its global mining equipment facilities from USA and Europe to India and China as part of a two year business reorganisation plan that will be completed in the next fiscal. 
Not only this,  The Times of India, 18 December 2014 reported that, "....Maharashtra has announced lifting of a ban on sand mining in Konkan's eco-sensitive zones". Also, Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide wrote, on 18-Dec-2014: "India Joins Iron Ore Output Surge". All this makes Resurgere Mines and Minerals Ltd,  an ideal takeover candidate (Market cap of only Rs.28.04 Cr and Book Value of Rs.27.14).
Western India Shipyard Ltd moved up by 3.28% and closed at Rs.1.89, in the BSE. Inspite of the company constantly improving its performance during the last few months, the share price is not moving up (March quarter, net loss: Rs.12.12 Cr;  In June quarter the net loss came down further to Rs.9.27 Cr and in the September quarter, the net loss came down even further to Rs.4.51 Cr. Also, there was a surge in net revenues to Rs.12.60 Cr in the September quarter, as compared to Rs.7.19 Cr in Q1FY15 and 11.18 Cr in Q4FY14). . Really, strange!! I think it would start to show a major up-move, once a TV-analyst gives a Buy Call in front of Camera....Huh!! These days, 24x7 business channels have entered into the psyche of common man (investors/traders) in such a way that, that most consider their words as "Gospels". Or else why should Eicher Motors Ltd (Rs.14607.60; Book Value: Rs.303.07), Ashok Leyland Ltd (Rs.50.55; Book Value: Rs.15.69), etc trade at such a high price? Bring some market-men and ask they them to hammer "BUY, BUY, BUY", hundred times in front of TV-cameras, a scrip will move up---there is no  need of any fundamentals.
P.N: I am  not keeping well since the last few days--suffering from Fever, Cough, Diarrhea, etc. Hence the blogs could not updated in proper time. Please bear with me. 
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