Monday, November 10, 2014

Hoping to see Suzlon making profts as early as next financial year, says Tulsi Tanti
[Editor: There cannot be a 2nd opinion that Suzlon Energy Ltd is moving up the value chain everyday. The scrip is expected to touch the levels of Rs.30-3, soon. The India Today February 13, 2008 writes: 
Hailing from an agricultural family in Gujarat’s Saurashtra region, Tulsi Tanti and his three younger brothers decided to branch out on their own rather than go in for their family business of cold storage and construction. Tanti is a B.Com. from Rajkot’s Saurashtra University who simultaneously studied for a diploma in engineering. “I believe in the power of education,” he says. “I leveraged the commerce and technical knowledge gained during my diverse education to start a textile unit at Surat in the 1980s. During the 1990s, power cuts and electricity costs made me and my brothers look at alternative energy sources. We set up wind turbines to power the factory.” And thus was born the idea of wind energy as a sustainable business model. “We realised the potential of entering this business, specially taking into consideration the concerns of overuse of fuel resources and global warming.”
The investors are therefore, strongly suggested to buy the stock of Suzlon Energy Ltd on all declines along with Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd (Rs10.74) and keep; with occasional profit booking] 
Photo: India Today
NEW DELHI, November 6, 2014: Bullish on the domestic clean energy market, wind power equipment manufacturer Suzlon's founder Tulsi Tanti hopes to see his company out of red and making profits as soon as next financial year.

"The last quarter of this financial year we'll be very close to getting out of red and by next financial year we'll be in, let's say, green...I don't like the word black. Let's say green," Tanti told ET.

The company, which is the fifth-largest wind energy equipment manufacturer in the world, reduced its losses year-on-year in September quarter to Rs 656 crore, down from Rs 782.37 crore in the same period last year. 

Betting big on India's clean energy growth story, Tanti thinks that the ratio of his group's revenues at 60:40, coming respectively from its German arm Senvion and Suzlon, will change to 50:50 in future as the domestic market will be more promising. The company currently has an order book of 4.6 gigawatt valued at Rs 38,000 crore.

Not only does the company see onshore and offshore wind energy potential in India at 200,000 megawatts but also thinks that 10,000 megawatts more of wind energy can be added within three years, given the government addresses a few glaring bottlenecks.

"Interest cost is very high for us. If the government can reduce interest cost by 5 per cent and also double generation based incentive ( GBI) to Rs 1 by using the money from clean energy fund, the cost of energy will go down making it lucrative for consumers," Tanti said, adding that with such cost restructuring, capacity can be added quickly.

He also said that increasing the period of financing from 12 years to 20 years will also be helpful to reduce cost of clean energy for consumers as project developers will not be under pressure to amortise projects soon.

The company foresees 24 per cent increase in wind installations adding 4,000 megawatts by 2017.

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