Thursday, September 25, 2014

Photo: Getting You Rich
I am thinking of coming up with a new scheme where there would be scopes for monthly returns, on a regular basis. There traders should put a minimum seed capital of Rs.2 lakhs which will be played only in FUTURES market (not options). Any amount of profit generated would be taken out of the demat account on T+3 day and shared between you and my firm, in the ratio of 50:50. 

Hence, whether the market moves up or down, the money could be generated on a consistent basis. I think in this way, 5-10% return on the capital invested could be generated, per month. Any additional return would also be shared in the same ratio. 

Moreover, intra-day trades could be done in some scrips, like today J P Associates Ltd (RS.26) fell by more than 10%. These kinds of bullet trades in ONE DAY could make up for the whole month's income. The target should be to generate a minimum of 5-10% per month. If anyone is interested to take the risk, then he/she can mail me at:
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