Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Dr.Datsons Labs Ltd: Slowly, To Come out of the Blues
CMP: Rs.15.55
The shares of the company fell since a last few days after the board of directors of Dr Datsons Labs approved the issuance of 34.5 lakh shares to bondholder, Autor Investments Ltd on conversion of foreign currency convertible bonds (FCCBs) for a value of $3.5 mn at Rs.55 a share. Following this, the company’s share capital has increased to Rs.53.37 crore from Rs.49.91 crore. 

However, it seems from the movement of the scrip, that for the time being, the downturn has come to an end and the scrip should move up. The company has a board meeting, on 5th July, 2014, which is likely to have a positive rub-off on the company's share price.

Moreover, according to the Business Standard, 1st July, 2014, Dr.Datsons Labs has received, the International Star Award for Quality; which will be conferred upon the Company at the ISAQ Convention. 

The Company has been chosen for:

- Being the third-largest quinine salts manufacturer in the world. This level of operational success demonstrates a clear commitment to ongoing good practices.

- The high quality of its production process, as demonstrated by its ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 22000 certifications.

- Its social and environmental initiatives, like its support of IDA programs (focused on the elimination of animal abuse).

The risk taking investors are suggested to buy this high-risk-high-gain stock on all declines, for a short term target of Rs.18-19, in the coming days.
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