Tuesday, June 17, 2014

IVRCL Ltd recommended today around Rs.24-25.25 hit the upper circuits in the late trade. The scrip might be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the proposed billion dollar infrastructure fund, to be set up by the NDA government. 
There is no stopping of Veer Energy and Infrastructure Ltd. The scrip today touched Rs.6.20 before closing at Rs.6.10. The company is doing some major projects in the renewable energy space. And Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has talked of giving some special incentive to this space. The scrip could be moving towards Rs.7-8 in the coming  days. 
Resurgere Mines and Minerals Ltd today hit another buyer freeze in the opening trade in the NSE at Rs.1.75 while it hit the Upper Circuits in the BSE, in the fag end of the market  hours, at Rs.2.03. What is the hidden story in the company? However, the authorities (regulators) should see that the price differential of the scrip in the two exchanges comes down. The scrip  has been hitting non-stop upper circuits since it is was recommended some days back.
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Today, Insecticide India Ltd crossed Rs.400, the ultimate target. The scrip was recommended around Rs.270-280, some weeks back. The investors should do good, to book some (or complete) profits in the counter and invest the same either in Shiv-Vani Oil and Gas Exploration Ltd or in IVRCL Ltd (Rs.25.25).
As expected Shiv-Vani Oil and Gas Exploration Ltd today hit the buyer freeze in the opening trade. It is a  huge company and has bought sophisticated machinaries for its operation, whose life is around 25 years. The scrip should be moving towards Rs.50, in the coming days. One should accumulate the scrip on all declines. 
The investors are going for mad selling the shares of Western India Shipyard Ltd (Rs.2.62), as if the company is going to close down tomorrow. The fact of the matter is that the company is already getting contracts from the Cruise Ships and other liners. But once the mining in Goa starts, it is expected that it would start getting large orders form cargo ships as well, who would anchor in India's west coast to pick up dry cargo and crude. There were some media reports that Mormugao Port Trust has registered, a robust growth in 2013-14. Mr.Mara Pandiyan, chairperson of MPT, said that Mormugao Port Trust, which was earlier known as the iron ore port, last year had almost 99.9% non iron ore activities and still registered robust growth. The point is significant because, Western India Shipyard Limited (WISL), India's largest composite ship & rig repair facility in the private sector and one of the world's advanced multi-dimensional and multi-purpose yard offering modern, streamlined, sophisticated ship & rig repair facilities and industrial services is strategically located at Mormugao Port Goa along the west coast of India at 15° 25' North and 73° 47' East and is geographically best positioned to offer a complete range of ship repair services. The shipyard has ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification.The port is an international customs Port. Therefore there is no reason for any PANIC SELLING . 
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