Presidential Elections: Support Dr.Meira Kumar

Bihar and Jharkhand governments have no choice but to support Dr.Meira Kumar. As defeat of "Bihar ki Beti" will invariably bring Shame to the Biharis and Jharkhandis (or erstwhile unified Bihar). Do you think that, people of Bihar will leave Nitish Kumar Scott - free, if Dr.Meira Kumar loses ? So, Nitish Kumar has very little option left but to support, Dr.Meira Kumar.

Moreover, if Nitish Kumar wants to fall in the BJP's well calculated electoral TRAP no one can save him in the next election.

Also, I am surprised to see Mr.Navin Pattanayak, so easily chewing the RSS bait. Orissa is a state, where there is large chunk of Tribal Christian voters loyal to the BJD (Biju Janata Dal). I am still to fathom, BJD's sudden electoral gamble of siding with the RSS and the BJP; when Mr.Pattanayak has been maintaining distance from them since some time.

Besides, the election of Dr.Meira Kumar, who is educated, experienced and very sober, might also correct some of the historical mistakes of not making her father, the Prime Minister of India.

Also, I don't think all the Muslim and Christian MPs and MLAs from the TDP and TRS will ever support a RSS backed Candidate, who acted against Dalit Christian and Muslin reservations. Therefore, invariably cross voting will take place, which might give the underdog, Ms.Kumar, a win. Support Dr.Meira Kumar, give a conscience vote and make her the 2nd Female President of India.

All the best to Dr.Meira Kumar.....👍✌

Monday, June 09, 2014

As expected, U B Engineering Ltd hit the buyer freeze at Rs.17.20. This is perhaps one of the safest stocks in the Dr.Vijay Mallya held U B Group. The scrip is expected to hit no-stop buyer freeze from here. 
Reliance Capital Ltd today touched Rs.668.40. The scrip is heading towards Rs.1000, in the coming days. 
Dhunseri Petrochem and Tea Ltd today touched Rs.141.60 before cooling down at Rs.139.35. The investors can book some profits in the counter and enter Marg Ltd (Rs.21.60) for some stupendous gains in the future. The scrip is already hitting non-stop buyer freezes. 
Western India Shipyard Ltd (Rs.3.19) hit another buyer freeze. Recently, it was recommended by a Mumbai (Bombay) based weekly. 
Shriram EPC Ltd today touched Rs.37.35 before closing at Rs.35.10, down 1.82%. Shriram EPC Limited is headquartered in Chennai, India with offices in Kolkata, New Delhi, Beijing and UAE. The Company has executed projects across most Indian States and Overseas.  Shriram EPC Limited’s business portfolio spans across integrated design, engineering, procurement, construction and project management encompassing various sectors and industries. The Company specializes in the construction of Renewable Energy Infrastructure, Core Infrastructure Projects (Process and Metallurgy) and Municipal Services (Water and Pipe Rehabilitation). The contribution from the Municipal Services business has been steady and there was progress on outstanding orders during FY14. Entry into the Mining Sector within Process & Metallurgy has enabled the Company to look into newer areas besides foraying into the overseas market. Its order backlog has been fairly robust--as of June 30, 2013 it had an outstanding order backlog of Rs.4,060 crore. Given the strong order backlog and new order wins across verticals, the company management remains optimistic about its performance going forward. The company operates in three segments: Contracts, Windmill and Trading. The total income of the company in March, 2014 quarter alone was Rs.135.36 Cr, against its market cap of Rs.155.70 Cr. Therefore, inspite of  having such enviable portfolio, it is really surprising why the scrip is still trading even below its book value (Rs.55.16)..!!
Jai Balaji Industries Ltd is on a non-stop northwards journey from around Rs.17-18 to the current price of Rs.33.95. Today also it hit the buyer freeze. The scrip has already touched my intermediate target of Rs.32. 
Capri Global Capital Limited recommended around Rs.154,today touched Rs.174.50, before closing at Rs.167.90 up 11.82%. The company is doing excellently well. 
Allied Digital Services Ltd is making new  highs nowadays. Today it made, 52-week high of Rs.24.40. I do not know how many of you know that Nevada Gaming commission had issued Information Technology Service Provider License to Allied Digital Services Ltd. Now,  you may see the map of the USA (and do a bit of internet search) to find out the significance of the place named, Nevada. Therefore, the question is: will the company be able to regain its lost vigor? It is to be remembered that the scrip fell from its all time high of Rs.500-plus (2008-09) to the current closing price of Rs.23.05. The stock has already given a break out above Rs.22.70 and the  next targets seem to be Rs.29-31.
Those who want to convert Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs in the next 5 years can contact me at: The scheme is going on.....!! At the end you take Rs.34 lakhs and I (or my Firm) take/s Rs.11 lakhs--it is plain and simple. It is true that stock market is risk prone and  nothing can be guaranteed but still we can make money, by playing safe, following some simple rules of value investing (Benjamin Graham and David Dodd). Lot of investors have joined, you can also be a part of that team....!! It is to be understood that making money from the market is much easier when it favours the BULLS. Therefore, this is the time to enter the market and cover all your losses. However, those who think they are too smart never makes much gain from the markets. Also, it will be a little difficult to make money from the stock market, by following this blog alone as lot of things are not mentioned here, which are mentioned in the Premium Blog. 
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