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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Dr.Datsons Labs Ltd (Aanjaneya Lifecare Ltd): Some Points
CMP: Rs.18.05
(i) The Book Value of the shares of the company is Rs.222.84. The market cap of the company is only Rs.90.35 Cr. Recently, Dr Datsons said that the European pharma player Mires B.V had completed the valuation of the two plants of the company situated at Mahad and Pune. The total fair valuation of the company stood at Rs.350 crore of which valuation of its fixed assets stood at Rs.270 crore.
(ii) Dr.Datsons Labs announced that the Board of Directors at its meeting held on 02 June 2014 transacted the following -Issued 72,05,960 equity shares on conversion of FCCBs for total value of USD 7.30 million at conversion rate of Rs.55 per share. Consequently, the paid up capital of the Company has increased to Rs.49.91 crore comprising of 4,99,16,955 equity shares of Rs.10 each.
(iii) Decided to open representative office in USA and Canada for handling sales of herbal patented lozenges.
(iv) The Company liability for unsecured loan has reduced to the tune of USD 36.50 million by way of conversion of FCCBs into equity shares of the Company, therefore, the liability of the Company extinguish and improve the debt equity ratio of the Company.
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