Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sterling Bio Tech Ltd: Steady  Upmove seen on the Chart
CMP: Rs.17.06; BSE Code: 512299
After a long time this market  is favouring the BULLS or in other words there is a trend in the market. However, if there is too much selling (which is not expected though but still as a hypothesis) then money can also be made by reverse trade (selling instead of buying in the F&O Market). 

Therefore, those who want to cover their losses and come out with profits, can join my group. You need to do few correct trades, to emerge victorious at the end of the day. The time is running out and this is the best time to look for a target of Rs.50 lakhs on an investment of Rs.5 lakhs, in the next  5 years. Even if half of that target is reached, then also it would be superb. 

Why I am telling: Look at the shares of Simplex Projects Ltd (BSE Code: 532877). The price of the shares were Rs.7.21 in 10th October, 2013. Now, in less than one year, the shares have give more than 10 times returns. So, if anyone had invested Rs.5 lakhs in Simplex Projects Ltd in October, 2013, then he / she would have made Rs.50 lakhs by now.  Did you get my point? 

Therefore, correct choice of scrips is the key to making money in the shortest possible time. Time is very important factor in such market, because if  you lose  this period by applying AMATEUR TECHNIQUES of Trial and Error, then you might miss the Golden Opportunity. 

Over-diversification of your portfolio will not give too much returns, over a period. Like a good doctor, you need to have PIN-POINT diagnosis, while choosing scrips. This market is for the EXPERTS and HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL PERSONS ONLY and not for new-comers / non-professionals. 

You need to beat those who have years of experience in the market, to churn out money. Novices might be successful in one or two trades, but in the subsequent trades, those benefits might be gone. So, either join the Paid Service or allow me or firm to trade on your behalf, to generate quick returns from this Bullish Market. Therefore, if you are new entrant in the Indian Stock Market, then kindly don't lose your valuable TIME, unnecessarily experimenting, just to satisfy your EGO. For more details, kindly send me a mail at: or 
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