Friday, May 02, 2014

Market Mantra
Marg Ltd hit another buyer freeze today at Rs.16.25. The scrip has been hitting buyer freeze since the time it was recommended to the Premium Group Members. 
Today, Opto Circuits Ltd (Rs.33.20) was recommended in the morning trade to the Premium Memberes; the scrip touched Rs.34.40, intra-day. There are lot of optimism in the counter, before May 6, 2014 board meeting. Opto Circuits (India) earlier informed that a meeting of the board of directors of the company will be held on May 6, 2014 to discuss FCCB/GDR/Preferential Allotment/Private Placement/issue of Convertible Debentures offering and any other form of raising funds for OPTO Circuits (India) and/or for its Indian/Overseas subsidiaries. The company said on February 20, 2014 its Powerheart G5 automated external defibrillator received market clearance from the US drug regulator. Opto Circuits (India) is a vertically integrated multinational medical technology Group that specializes in primary, acute and critical care products for the global markets. The scrip is above its 200DEMA and 200DSMA. The Golden Cross has already taken place and therefore, both fundamentally and Chartically, all the factors look positive for the company. The scrip is all set to touch Rs.45-50, in the next few trading sessions.
Jai Balaji Industries Ltd hit another buyer freeze today, to touch Rs.17.55. The scrip was recommended around Rs.13-14 ranges, with a price target of Rs.29-32. 
Today HCC Ltd touched the 3rd target of Rs.21. The scrip was recommended in February, 2014 at Rs.12.70-12.80, with a 1st target of Rs.15, which was achived long back.
Insecticides India Ltd is consolidating around Rs.277-282, to chart out the next move. The scrip will reach Rs.320, within a few days.
Yesterday, a buy call was given in 29May_Nifty_Futures at 6730 for  a target of 6750. Today 29May_Nifty_Futures touched 6778.55, giving some money on the table to the Premium Group Members. On 30 April, 2014 too FIIs were net buyers to the tune of Rs.454.48 Cr and surprisingly DIIs were also  net buyers of Rs.6.46 Cr of Indian Securities--so the positive optimism continues in the Indian Bourses. Join the Paid Service or my recommended brokerage house/s before 15 May, 2014, as the subscription for the same is going to be increased to Rs.10, 000 per year from the existing Rs.7000 per year.
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