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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pawan Kalyan and Prasad V. Potluri (PVP) 
Equations have once again turned topsy-turvy in Vijayawada politics. After Chandrababu refused him a ticket, for the Vijayawada Lok Sabha, Prasad V Potluri (PVP) GOT Pawan Kalyan into the act and supported and financed Pawan to start ‘Jana Sena’. 
Pawan’ support for the TDP would help him get in the good books of Naidu and confirm his name for the Lok Sabha seat in Vijayawada, was PVP’s plan. But with the TDP allotting the ticket to Kesineni Nani, their first choice, PVP has had to file as an independent. This is a waste of money for him after spending so much on Jana Sena. 

Now, Pawan Kalyan would have to give an ultimatum to Chandrababu to field PVP at any cost. But even then, it seems highly unlikely that the TDP will change its candidate. On the other hand, Pawan is about to share the dais at political meetings with Naidu and Modi. So, there can be no disagreements now. That means if Pawan Kalyan cannot get Naidu to change his mind, he would still be okay and so would be Chandrababu. It is PVP who will turn out to be the biggest idiot. He must now be regretting his decision to quit the YSRCP. 

Courtesy: Great Andhra
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