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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceticals Ltd: Breaks Out
Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd is looking excellent on the daily Candle Stick Chart. The scrip has picked up momentum in today's trade and is expected to touch Rs.71-72 in the coming days. 
Note: The Subscription Charge for the Paid Service would be hiked to Rs.10, 000 (ten thousand) per year, with effect from 15th May, 2014, to incorporate the effects of high inflation and to cover the cost of research. Therefore those who want to get enrolled at the old price of Rs.7000 per year, should do the same before the stipulated date. Moreover, those who have already applied for the same, should give me a day or two to reply, because I cannot write too many mails due to injury in my left hand. Also, those who have applied for trading through my recommended brokerage house/s and are yet to receive the forms, please either speak with the customer relationship manager whose phone number I gave or give me a couple of days to streamline the operations. Also, those who have applied for trading on their behalf in their accounts and have not yet received a reply, should wait for a couple of days. Due to sudden rush of activities in the Paid Service and in other areas like trading through my recommended brokerage houses, there might be a little  delay in attending to your queries and posts; please bear with me.  
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