Monday, March 10, 2014

My earlier recommended HCL Infosystems Ltd today hit the 20% buyer freeze, to close at Rs.34.10. However the scrip has a stiff resistance around Rs.34.50,  and traders should see if it is able to cross this level or not in the next few trading sessions. 
There could be some good news on the anvil in case of Shree Ganesh Jewelry House (I) Ltd (Rs.26.35). The traders are unnecessarily too much reacting to the rise in import duty. They should note that any rise in inputs cost can be passed on to the end consumer, however, the government needs to give some relaxations in the import restrictions. Therefore, there is no reason to assume that the Jewelry companies would  not do well in future. However, till the import restrictions are there, there could be some effects on the top and bottomlines of the companies who are into Gems and Jewelry space. Buy is suggested in the scrip of Shree Ganesh Jewelry House (I) Ltd. 
BHEL recommended at Rs.148 today touched Rs.191.25 before cooling down at Rs.187.90. Those who said that BHEL will never cross Rs.170 has mud on their faces. 
TV18 Broadcast Ltd today touched Rs.23.40,  before cooling down at Rs.22.70. The scrip needs to clear the resistance zone of Rs.22.90-23, before we can see further  upmove. However, for the medium to long term perspective, this is an excellent company.
Allied Digital Services Ltd (Rs.12.45), in December, 2013 announced that, it received the Certificate of Excellence from India Inc Innovative 100, for smart innovation at Radisson Hotel, New Delhi on 20th December 2013. The company said, "We are proud of our ADiTaaS platform (developed in-house & is innovative, one of its kind IT tool) for which we received the Certificate of Excellence'. But the irony is that, since the last few years, a treacherous management led by Nitin Shah & Co, is probably eating away all the profits of the company without giving any share to the shareholders. The promoters are getting their salaries and so are the employees, but SHAREHOLDERS? Oh ho, they are "Pariah" now.....the outcast! Moreover, the company suddenly, reported a consolidated net loss of Rs.2.14 crore for the quarter ended Dec '13. Other income for the quarter was Rs 1.54 crore. Therefore, I feel it is not the company which is the problem but like Glodyne Technoserve Ltd it is a group of dishonest promoters, who are moving about scot-free, due to the blessings from the regulator (who are the real problems). Something should be done to chuck these UNHOLY guys out so that the shareholders gets their due share, from the progress of the company---but will the black sheep hear? Anyway, I hope in the March, 2014 quarter, the company would come up with profit, in order to honour its commitment mentioned in the annual report. When most of the IT stocks are moving up, the share of Allied Digital Services Ltd is moving DOWN. The promoters have no ethics. Unfortunate!!