Friday, February 14, 2014

The Indices as expected took a support around 5970-6000 ranges as the bulls bounced back with full vengeance. The Nifty (spot) safely closed at 6048.35 above the crucial support of 6045. Those Paid Members who took long positions in Nifty today, should continue to hold on to their positions. I shall mention the level in the Sunday's inputs. 
Today, P C Jeweler Ltd achieved the 3rd target of Rs.91, as the share touched Rs.92, intra-day, where the Paid Members were asked to book profits in today, in the inputs sent in the Paid Blog. Meanwhile, Shree Ganesh Jewelers Ltd opened Rs.28.90 before closing at Rs.27.50. The company as expected came out with superb set of numbers for the December, 2013 quarters. The net profit of the company came as Rs.341.48 Cr as against Rs.58.81 Cr in the same period previous year. The EPS of the company for December, 2013 quarter is Rs.16.32. Now since, the loss in Q3FY14, was one time, the company's share price is expected to shoot up from here. I had earlier repeatedly asked the investors to increase their holdings in the counter, in view of the expected positive results from the company. The company is having a gold refining unit, and hence it can import DORE gold to reduce the cost of their exports. Moreover, the PBT, which took a hit due to higher interest of Rs.86 Cr as against Rs.52.73 Cr in Q3FY14 is expected to come down from Q1FY15 drastically as the company this month is likely to get a nod from the consortium of bank for the restructuring of its loans. Once this is done, the company's expansion would pick up steam, for the reasons best known to all. Next the company could be looking for either direct purchase of shares from the market or for a preference issue or avoid a hostile take over by a rival group. 
The dishonest promoters of Glodyne Technoserve Ltd (Rs.7.18) came out with a clarification today: "The Company has been facing certain financial difficulties due to which there are defaults / delays in payments to banks / lenders, which has already been disclosed and reported in the annual report of the Company. The Company and its management have been working on the revival of the projects and also in discussion with some of lenders for overcoming the financial position." The point is that the promoters took loan, keeping their shares as pledged, so how did the sudden financial problem start in the listed company? How isthe loan taken by the promoters in their personal capacity related with the default of loans, by Glodyne Technology Ltd? I would be obliged if any noted analyst explains this to me!! Also, what about their tall talks of a large order? There should be a limit to "Thuggery and Cheating" by the "Corporate Burglars". The share price has fallen from Rs.1250 plus in 2010-2011 to the current price of Rs.7.18. If the promoters had a little shame, they would have step down and allowed some able person to take over the company. But alas!! Also, why till now, they have not approached the CDR cell of the Financial Institutions, when companies like Suzlon Energy Ltd having a debt of more than Rs.10, 000 Cr approached the banks to get their loans restructured ? This means there could be something the promoters are hiding even today or the money from the overseas subsidiaries are directly going to the "Banami" bank accounts of the promoters, who took loan keeping their shares as pledged. The regulators should thoroughly investigate the matter and take suitable actions, so that the promoters who misled the shareholders do not escape like it happened in case of Pyramid Saimira Theatres Ltd. A full team should investigate their books, like it was done in case of Satyam Computers Ltd and truth, should be extracted. Some of the thieves in the India Inc are spoiling the whole ambiance of the equity markets and therefore, it is high time that the regulators, trace them out and throw them out  of the ring. The same yard stick should be applied in case of another  IT Company, Allied Digital Services Ltd (Rs.13.05). Nitin Shah one of the promoters of the company, is often seen hopping from one programme to another showing his smiling face, while the shareholders have been suffering since last 2-3 years. This fellow does not even feel shame, to  take part in a Television Programme, where he was pitted against young aspirants. The program's format was probably set before hand, to give this old hunk an undue advantage against the young participants. The regulators should do a thorough investigation of the bank accounts of Nitin Shah and his cohorts, so that their evil deeds (if any) gets exposed. The fact of the matter is that when he can take his remuneration and can pay his employees salaries for years, then what is preventing him to declare dividends for the shareholders, except the intention of LOOTING? These people have not only spoiled the mood of the markets but also Banks, whose balance sheets are bleeding, as stilll the outstanding loans to be restructured, are substantially large. 
A Buy call was initiated in Steel Authority of India Ltd at Rs.60.80. The scrip closed at Rs.61.45, after touching Rs.62.05. Those who had bought above Rs.63, were also asked to average out.