Friday, February 07, 2014

Market Mantra
Allied Digital Services Ltd hit another buyer freeze today, before trading now a tad below at Rs.14.30. But it is expected that the scrip would end  up in the Upper Circuits at the end of the day. Earlier the management clarified to the Shareholders that barring unforeseen circumstances, the Company is expecting a net profit for the Financial Year 2013-14, as in comparison to the loss in the Financial Year 2012-13 and the possibility of inadequacy of profits is not likely to recur again in financial year, 2013-14. This gives us the next target for the scrip as Rs.21-22. The company came with with encouraging set of results in Q2FY14. The net profit of Allied Digital Services Ltd came at Rs.7.20 Cr, as against a net profit of only Rs.51 lakhs in the same period previous year. The Half yearly EPS of the company stands at Rs.1.74. Moreover the Operating Profit Margin jumped to 34.64% in Q2FY14 from a meager 14.70% in Q2FY13. Also, Net Profit Margin shot up to 16.07% in Q2FY14 from 0.71% in Q2FY13. All these augurs well for the company and points towards a turnaround story. Therefore, buy the scrip in all declines. It is to be understood that the Company suffered a loss of  Rs.10.18 Cr for the financial year ended March 31st, 2013, primarily on account of interest expenses and one time exceptional expense. The Company has gone through one of the most difficult phase in its history during the course of the last financial year. The general turmoil in the market as well as delay in customer decision making in several government projects had an adverse impact on the Company’s fortunes. Besides, if a company like Subex Ltd (Rs.10.42) can hit continuous upper circuits, then what is the problem with ADSL, Glodyne Tech Ltd (Rs.8) and Gitanjali Gems Ltd (Rs.63)? 
Daily Closing Chart of Allied Digital Services Ld
OUTLOOK: During financial year 2014, the company aims to deepen its engagements with existing clients, draw repeat business, and emerge as the ‘’First Choice’’ and the preferred partner for its marquee global customers. The Company sees its eco-system of critical partnerships and alliances with reputed global companies  as an important asset and will continue to explore opportunities to further expand it. The Company’s differentiated business model with strong capabilities in its chosen verticals, programme management track-record, investments in intellectual property, and a reinforced leadership team are great advantages in the prevailing macro-environment that remains volatile.
Southern Ispat and Power Ltd today, touched Rs.2.54, intra-day, where many who averaged the scrip when it fell probably booked profits. This is a good counter for the medium to long due to lot of positive developments coming up according to the management, but for the short term it remains, speculative. 
Gems and Jewelry Companies like Gitanjali Gems Ltd (Rs.62.20), Shree Ganesh Jewelry House (I) Ltd (Rs.25.20), P C Jeweler Ltd (Rs.77) should do well in the coming days, as the government of India's draconian policy on Gold imports cannot continue for eternity. Moreover, some of the companies are doing fine, inspite of all the government curbs, though without them, they would have performed much better. 
Entegra Ltd (Rs.3.53) came out with satisfactory set of numbers for the Q3FY14. Most of the expenditure shown is due to large number of projects which it is implementing--therefore, don't go by its results. It has intrinsic value, which could be a prime driving factor going forward. Also, once these large project are through it could give on of the best returns in the stock market. Today it is moving up with good volumes, already 13921 shares have been traded in the BSE. Just invest a few lakhs in the scrip and keep holding--I am sure  you will be able to double your money within the next few months time frame.