Friday, December 20, 2013

Tulip Telecom Ltd hits another buyer freeze in the late afternoon trade, before cooling at 6.27. The scrip has been continuously moving up since the last few days.
The buy on Nifty_6200_Call yesterday at Rs.41, crossed its target of Rs.72 today. It gave more than 60% return in just 24  hour time frame. In the morning a buy was initial in the Nifty, though many well known Fundamental Analysts (including Mr.S P Tulsian) and Chartists were short on the markets. If trader wants to play only on the OPTION with spare cash, then they can contact me, for some special PAID PACKAGE, on the same. However, in Option there is always risk associated, and one should be very disciplined. Those who  have lost money in the markets can also join my service to recover any loss--stock market always gives returns to patient investors over a period. Even if you share price has come down to some dismal levels, there is no need to worry. 
Allahabad Bank Ltd today touched Rs.91.30 before cooling at Rs.90.45. This bank will give good returns going forward. Only that one needs to have patience to hold it.