Friday, December 06, 2013

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IVRCL Ltd today touched Rs.17.35, before closing at Rs.16.50. The mining sector which was a monopoly of Govt sector was opened up during the last ten years or so gradually. IVRCL is currently pursuing opportunities in the Mining sector with keen interest. IVRCL has entered into strategic alliances with reputed mining companies from South Africa, China and Ukraine and experienced Indian companies as well to jointly pursue both open cast and underground mining opportunities unfolding in India in Coal, Copper, Zinc and Gold mining sectors. Moreover, CNBC-Awaaz quoting unnamed sources reports, that the companies in highway projects may get 2-year exemption to repay their debt. This will help the companies like IVRCL and Reliance Infrastructure. 
Punj Lloyd Ltd which was recommended around Rs.26-27 today touched Rs.29.35, the scrip should reach its first target of Rs.31, within a short time. 
BGR Energy Ltd today touched Rs.130.65 which is very near the 2nd target of Rs.131. The company already reached its first target of Rs.126. It is better to book some profits in the counter and enter safe bets like Reliance Power Ltd, which was recommended around Rs.73.50-74. Reliance Power today touched Rs.75.65, before closing at Rs.74.80. Moreover, Reliance Power  has also been recommended by two well known marketmen, with an identical target of Rs.81, however, I feel it could touch Rs.102-103 by March, 2013. 
Allahabad Bank Ltd which was asked to be bought on all declines today touched Rs.93.75, before closing at Rs.93.55. The scrip will give decent return within the next few months time frame as the government starts to decrease the Repo rates and construction activities pick up steam. 
Note: I am looking for partners, who can invest around Rs.3-5 lakhs in the share / equity trading with a back up fund of 30-40% in case of emergency clearance of debit in the trading account. Without back-up funds it becomes a bit risky to play in the markets. Anyway, the profits could be shared in a ratio. The markets are moving up and hence this is the best time to cover up any of your losses or make superb gains on your investments.