Wednesday, November 13, 2013

CBI Director’s rape remark triggers row
[Editor: The Lunatics in the National Commission for Women should not make highly objectionable comments on "Patriarchy" at the fall of a hat. This is what Wall Street Journal Writes on 13th November, 2013: 
// "The National Commission for Women, a constitutional body, has sent a notice to Mr. Sinha asking him to explain his comments. Shamina Shafiq, a member of the NCW, said the remarks were unfortunate — and shocking. “This shows the mindset in India of patriarchy in every strata of society,” she said. “To talk so insensitively about an issue which women feel so strongly about, no matter what context it was said, was irresponsible. He is the director of the CBI; when any atrocity happens to a woman, she looks up to their machinery to help her,” she added. Ms. Shafiq argued that to use the language of rape, apart from to describe the crime, in an analogy or simile was inappropriate as it “crushed the souls” of those affected by the crime to hear it used so lightly.//
These officer bearers should stop using MALE TAX PAYERS money before making such OUTRAGEOUS STATEMENTS AGAINST ALL MALES. Someone should file a PIL against the WCW and seek it constitutional validity, in view of such outrageous statements accusing all males and patriarchy. Why this lady is still not ARRESTED by the authorities for making RACIST COMMENTS? The CBI director has actually ridiculed the controversial line instead of endorsing it, but then how make these brain dead fellows understand such simple things. This country is getting more and more inhospitable for males. However, there are few henpecked husbands and some males, who do not have the guts to speak-out. Also the question is why India does not have a NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR MALES? Why can't male TAX PAYERS money be used to look into the problems of MALES in India? How long we will continue with such RACIST government policies? Also, the MISANDRIST INDIAN MEDIA should stop adding COLOURS and humiliating MALES. Moreover Rape is a gender Neutral word as it can happen on the either side. CLICK HERE. There are ample cases of RAPES of MEN in US and in Africa. Hence the office bearers of NCW should not make it a gender issue and accuse all males. Therefore, the government of India should either close this (NCW) organisation or else ask them to behave properly. It is seen that most Feminists always try to minimize and downplay the seriousness of male victims and male issues. It is so disgusting to note how some feminists want to monopolize victim-hood and blatantly use "doublespeak” to claim that they want equality; without making sure, that men's sensibilities are also equally addressed]
November 13, 2013: Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Director Ranjit Sinha provoked angry responses from women’s rights groups on Tuesday, making remarks which some interpreted to suggest that rape, like gambling, was an unalterable social phenomenon.

Mr. Sinha’s remarks were made during a discussion on sports ethics, at which he called for laws on gambling to be reviewed.

“I feel that if we can have lotteries in States, if we can have casinos in some tourist resorts and if the government can declare schemes of voluntary disclosure of black money, what is the harm if we legalise betting.” To underline his case for legalising gambling, he asked: “Above all, do we have the enforcement agencies?”

Mr. Sinha then said: “It is very easy to say you don’t have enforcement agencies. It is like saying if you cannot stop rape, you enjoy it.”

In the next sentence, Mr. Sinha added: “It is better to have something, legalise it, and earn some revenue rather than throwing up your hands and letting things happen.”

Women’s rights advocates attacked the reference to rape among these apparently contradictory remarks — advocating changing laws to accommodate unstoppable behaviour; keeping laws in place irrespective of enforcement capacity; and earning revenue from unstoppable behaviour.

Communist Party of India (Marxist) Politburo member Brinda Karat said it was “sickening that a man, who is in charge of several rape investigations, should use such an analogy. He should be prosecuted for degrading and insulting women.”

Misinterpreted: CBI

The CBI, however, said an off-the-cuff remark was being misinterpreted. “The context of the Director’s remarks is important,” a spokesperson for the CBI told The Hindu.

“The Director’s point was only that if laws cannot be enforced, it does not mean they should not be there at all.”

Courtesy: The Hindu