Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Market Mantra
Punj Lloyd Ltd which was recommended yesterday, at around Rs.25, for a target of Rs.27, is now trading at Rs.28.25. Those who have invested in the scrip can book some profits and invest the same in ARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd (BSE Code: 533163) at Rs.20, for a target of Rs.25. The stock exchanges have unnecessarily put the stock in the restricted category, when there is neither volume or movement in the counter. The government of India should remove all the inefficient people managing the exchanges. It is because of these people the scams  involving Financial Technologies, NSEL and MCX Ltd takes place. What is the need to put a stock in the T-group or make the circuit as low as 5%, when there is hardly any trading in the counter? Are the authorities insane... or blind? CLICK HERE.
The Gold Loan Companies like Manappuram Finance Ltd (Rs.15.70) and Muthoot Finance Ltd (Rs.99.60) should move up at a top speed as the companies are set to get double benefits: (i) The MSF rates has been cut (CLICK HERE), which will make the cost of funds less and (ii) The gold prices have been steady since the last couple of months and has never fallen below, 20% from the peak price. If you can remember, the LTV of the gold loan companies is only 60%. So, this will make the loans not only secure but also, give confidence to the minds of the investors. Also, since the price of the gold has steadily increased from Rs.25, 000 per 10 gm to around Rs.29, 000 plus a gram, the value of the assets of the company (gold) will also increase. Therefore, just wait for a blast to happen in the counter of the Manappuram Finance Ltd.
Geodesic Ltd (Rs.5.02) and Glodyne Tech Ltd (Rs.8.97) have also hit their respective buyer freezes. It does not make any sense, to keep the circuit as low as 5% per day, when there is no such restrictions in the F&O segment. It is because all of all these highhandedness, that we do not find any uniformity in the market--some stocks go on rising, more than 25% in a day, while in case of others their movements are restricted, to sometimes even less than 2%. This is a weird concept, which the government needs to think about seriously. The government of India should revamp the management of the stock exchanges if its want to bring the retail investors back in the stock markets. This (Retail Investor) community has gone extinct due to mistreatment given both by the brokers and the stock exchanges.