Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kohinoor Broadcasting Corporation Ltd has been hitting non-stop buyer freezes since it fell to around 13 paise or Re.0.13. Today the scrip got locked at the upper circuits at 24 paise or Re.0.24. The stock has been repeatedly asked to be bought for long term gains. Those who have bought,  1 (one) lakh shares of the company, investing at around Rs.14, 000--16, 000 where it hovered for a long time, will make Rs.1 lakh if the share touches Rs.1 and Rs.10 lakhs (or one million) the day it touches Rs.10. So, congratulations to all those who have been holding the scrip since a long time or have averaged it. Lot of gentlemen from around the world have promised me lot of gifts, once this scrip reaches Rs.5. I am waiting for that...........LOL. 
Punj Lloyd Ltd was today recommended as a strong buy at around Rs.23.60. The company is a turnaround case, and should give decent returns going forward. However book, small, small profits on the way to Rs.40-45. This company is generally seasonal and it starts moving up generally post September (when the monsoon in over in most parts of India) of every year and continues till March--April and even sometimes till May. 
Allied Digital Services Ltd hit the buyer freeze at Rs.21.12, in the late afternoon trade. It seems the scrip is heading towards Rs.31-32 mark. It remains to be seen if it can cross that level or not. 
Many, traders and investors, sold the shares of Manappuram Finance Ltd (Rs.14.75) and Muthoot Finance Ltd (Rs.96.80) during the last few days, after the price of gold started to fall. But the moot point is that, fall in gold price will not have much impact on the companies as they do not sell gold or ornaments made of gold, but give loans keeping Gold as mortgage. Now as explained earlier, since LTV, is 60%, hence, the "Gold Loans" are more or less SAFE. It is strange why the market is selling the scrips, inspite of the companies doing fine fundamentally speaking, especially Manappuram Finance Ltd, and also it was recommended by a well known brokerage  house!!