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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Infinite Computer Solutions (I) Ltd: Ready To Move Up
Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Limited is a global provider of software solutions in the areas of Application Management, Infrastructure Management, Product Engineering and Mobility and Messaging with focus on the Telecom, Healthcare, Media & Content, Energy & Utilities and Banking & Finance verticals. 
With a global team of over 5000, Infinite partners with Fortune 500 companies from Telecom, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Media & Content and Banking & Finance industries to provide Application Management, Infrastructure Management and Product Engineering Services including Mobility & Messaging Products and Solutions.
Shareholding Pattern: The promoters hold 67.47%, while the general public holds a mere 32.53% of the shares of the company. The FIIs hold 10.28% of the shares of the company while the DIIs hold 0.50%. The corporate bodies hold 2.24% of the shares of the company leaving very low floating stocks in the market.  
Financials: For FY13, the total income of the company came out to be Rs.Rs.435.61 Cr as against Rs.370.93 Cr in FY12. The PBT of the company jumped to Rs.136.11 Cr in FY13 as against Rs.99.60 C in FY12. The Net Profit of the company for FY13 came out to be Rs.106.28 Cr as against Rs.75.22 Cr in the same period previous year. The EPS of the Company for FY, came out to be Rs.24.97 as against Rs.17.48 in the same period previous year.
Conclusion: Buy the shares of the company at Rs.85.95--Rs.86, for a target of Rs.94-97-104, in the coming days. The company is coming up with a share buy back issue.