Friday, June 28, 2013

HDIL: Limping Back To Normalcy
India's current account deficit (CAD) for the March quarter was $18.1 billion, or 3.6 per cent of GDP, lower than expected and below the $21.7 billion deficit a year earlier.

The current account gap for the full fiscal year ending in March 2013 touched a record high of 4.5% of GDP at $87.8 billion, compared with $78.2 billion (4.2%) a year earlier.

The central bank's comfort level for CAD is 2.5 per cent of GDP.

The April-March CAD stood at $88.2 billion and the Q4 Balance of Payments ( BoP) stood at a surplus of $300 billion versus a $600 billion deficit year-on-year.

This has again made the Real Estate Sector look attractive at the current price levels. CMP: Rs.35.15