Thursday, April 04, 2013

Be Not Deceived: “Evil Associations Corrupt Good Manners". Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God. I speak this to your shame.
Photo: Satire.....
These verses are taken from, the Bible: 1 Corinthians: 15: 33-34 (21st Century King James Version) to highlight some of the nagging problems, in the Indian share market.
Some of our market men who are having Paid Services make wild comments, that their calls move only in one direction, regardless of the market directions. This creates lot of confusion among the investors and first time traders. Many of them come to me and say: is it possible to double the money in one month? I wish this happened, all the time--but unfortunately it is not like the way, these people want many of us to believe. Hence, let us face reality and accept that we are passing through difficult times, with high volatility, where making money from the markets is very difficult and even Rakesh bhai (Jhunjhuwala), attested the same, when he said, "Trading is very difficult". 
The government has not done much for the capital market participants, infact P Chidambaram has milked the market as much as possible, in earlier periods by bringing in all sorts of taxes and increasing the capital gains tax. In the last budget, too, it was all more or less eye-wash, in the name of luring small investors in the markets. In absence of viable investment instruments, people are putting money in Gold, Silver and Real Estates, which is creating a bubble of sort in these sectors. But I am still not able to understand, why the government has problem, in making our equity market more attractive??!!

Anyway, if making money in these conditions have been so easy, then they would themselves have taken loans from the banks and made money, instead of canvassing to subscribe their services. A coach teaches 100s of players, but does everyone become Sourav Ganguly or Sachin Tendulkar? Things are not that easy---yes, money can be made over a period and one should have patience. Also, it is true that correct guidance, and proper game-play minimizes the losses, and helps perk up profits. Moreover, this is also a fact that in any share market it is dangerous to play without the guidance of experts. Also, it is true that experts makes less mistakes than the ordinary investors, so their chance of winning is much higher. But on the flip side, experts also do make mistakes and burn their hands. Therefore, one sided traffic is a sure shot means to mislead people. Besides, it is true that when market conditions are favourable, 50% return in one week is not a big game.

How long will you people build a brand speaking lies...........? I have been in writing in various forums on Financial matters, since 2000-2001 and still going on. What I am trying to hammer is that unless one has made a strong brand, it would be difficult to survive. In all my 15-17 years in the market, I have seen many Tom, Dick and Harry come and go. Many of the names we used to hear in this circuit, in 2000-2006 are now history--two prominent names are and another one, latter used to charge exorbitant amounts for monthly subscriptions. Where are they now? Everything boils down to the fact that, we all make mistakes and so let us not play, God--this sends a wrong message to the people around.

Sorry.....I had to chip-in because of the obvious or else people might bracket me in the same group. Why there is a problem in saying the truth, I do not understand!! Those who say, that making money in the market comes without making mistakes are simply fooling you. Be careful of their advertisements and their services.