Thursday, April 11, 2013

 SBI group firm sells over 85 lakh shares in Kingfisher
The the debt of the company is getting reduced, after the sell off of the shares of various promoter entities of the UB Group. We now need to know what is the real outstanding debt of the company, though the financial media is putting those old figures, which are grossly inaccurate. This exercise will also reduce the interest burden too of the company.  
Mumbai, Apr 11:  SBICap Trustee Company, an SBI group entity, today offloaded more than 85 lakh shares of cash-starved Kingfisher Airlines in a transaction worth nearly Rs 7 crore.

Recently, lenders of Vijay Mallya-led group’s Kingfisher Airlines have begun selling other group firm shares pledged with them to recover their loans amid huge accumulated losses and soaring debt levels of the airline that is grounded since October 2012.

The shares were pledged as security for loans taken by Kingfisher Airlines.

As per data available with the stock exchanges, SBICap Trustee Company sold 85.17 lakh shares of the ailing carrier for Rs 6.70 crore in open market transactions today.

The shares were sold by SBICap at an average price of Rs 7.87.

A significant portion of the promoter shares in all UB group companies, including Kingfisher, are pledged with various lenders.

Yesterday, Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers (MCFL), another UB Group firm, said about 8.44 per cent of the stake belonging to its promoter firm United Breweries Holdings has been sold by a lender.

MCFL had said the shareholding of the promoter firm United Breweries Holdings has come down to 16.07 per cent from earlier 24.51 per cent in the company “on account of invocation of pledge created in favour of lender”.

MCFL, however, did not reveal the name of the lender which sold the United Breweries Holdings’ 8.44 per cent stake comprising one crore shares in the company on April 1.

Promoters — United Breweries Holdings, United Spirit and McDowell Holdings — together held a stake of 30.44 per cent in MCFL by the end of December 2012, nearly 70 per cent of their shares were pledged with various lenders.

Last week, SBICap Trustee Company had sold one crore shares of MCFL, accounting for over 8 per cent stake, for Rs 38.5 crore in open market transactions.

At the end of December quarter, State Bank of India held 2.82 crore shares or 3.49 per cent stake in Kingfisher Airlines.

Shares of Kingfisher Airlines today surged 4.51 per cent to settle at Rs 7.88 apiece on the BSE.

Courtesy: The Hindu Business Line