Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Reliance Communications Ltd recommended some days back around Rs.61-62, today touched Rs.65.65. The first target if you remember was at Rs.66.
Glodyne Tech Ltd hits the buyer freeze due to positive conditioned mentioned a couple of weeks back. The bad days are probably over for the company and it should now steadily move up. 
Buy B F Utilities Ltd at Rs.225, T--Rs.285, SL---Rs.217 (exit)...B F Utility Ltd is into wind power. In the latest Union Budget, the FM has again introduced Generation-based incentives, for wind energy projects and Rs.800 Cr has been allocated for this purpose, which augurs well for the company. Also, the "Eligible Date" for projects in the power sector to avail benefit under Section 80-IA extended from 31.3.2013 to 31.3.2014, in the Union Budget for FY14. 
The company managed to add 13 GW of windmill capacities in the year 2012, just a whisker below China. Chinese aggregate windmill capacities surpassed 75 GW whereas that of US crossed 60 GW. Europe led the race for offshore windmill capacities with a total of 1,166 MW contributing 90% of the global additions. UK topped the list with 854 MW additions. In Europe, the onshore capacities are also being installed in the eastern and central regions like Bulgaria, Poland and Romania. Although commercial banks are active in financing windmill projects in these regions, these projects are facing challenges from regulatory risks and inadequate grid capacities.
The much awaited extension of Kyoto Protocol upto the year 2020 is expected to bring in cheer to the global carbon market--though still now it is absent. The buyers (designated nations) of carbon credits are required to declare by year 2015 their GHG reduction commitments for the period upto 2020. However, due to the economic crisis in the EU, most of these buyers are reluctant to make commitments and this has led to uncertainty in the markets and has resulted in steep fall in the carbon prices. Having said, that, since the situation of the world economy is improving it is pertinent to note that the things are expected to improve from here. The prices are expected to remain in this range for some time to come, before breaking out. .
Wind Power Development - Domestic Scenario:
In India, the aggregate windmill capacity touched 18.4 GW with the help of 2.3 GW of new capacities during the CY2012. 

But this is expected to see a sea change in the positive direction as, the FM has again introduced Generation-based incentives, for wind energy projects and Rs.800 Cr has been allocated, as mentioned earlier.   CLICK HERE.
BF Utilities Ltd. (BFUL) is a part of USD 2.4 billion Kalyani Group. BFUL earlier operated in two business segments – Infrastructure Business and Investment Business. BFUL has undergone business restructuring by way of a Composite Scheme of Arrangement. Under the said business restructuring, the Infrastructure Business has remained with BFUL and Investment Business has been transferred to BF Investment Ltd.  CLICK HERE.
Tulip Telecom Ltd hit the buyer freeze in the opening trade. The Paid Members were specifically asked to buy the scrip, from today, as the company's debt restructuring is expected to get completed by the end of this month. 

Voltas Ltd recommeded at Rs.82-83 yesterday, today touched Rs.84.25. The company is doing exceptionally well.