Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Geodesic Ltd hit the 3rd consecutive buyer freeze as the company's fundamentals have improved considerably. It is one of the blue chip companies in the IT space. 
United Breweries Holdings Ltd today moved to Rs.94.50 before closing at Rs.93. The scrip was recommended to the Paid Group members, a couple of days and also today at Rs.88-89. The scrip today moved up due to twin reasons: (i) Good Q3FY13, results of United Spirits Ltd and (ii) Securities and Exchange Board of India clearing Diageo's open offer to United Spirits Limited's (USL) minority shareholders, paving the way for conclusion of the Rs 11,000 crore deal between the two liquor giants.
Southern Online Bio Tech Ltd fell today with very low volume indicating that the selling has more or less subsided. The company h as two plants: one that is functional and another one (export oriented) where trial production is going on. The banks have already sanctioned the working capital needs. It has also an ISP division, which is doing well. The company is scheduled to come up with good Q3FY13, results on 13 th February, 2013. According to my close sources, the company is expected to show improved bottomlines. This is a bio-diesel company. CLICK HERE.
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