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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Railway Budget 2013 – Key Highlights
Changes in Fares:
  • No hike in passenger fares
  • Propose hike in reservation fee, tatkal charge by Rs 15 - 25 in Sleeper class & Rs 100 for executive class
  • Supplementary fee for tatkal, cancellations, reservations
  • To increase supplementary charge for super fast trains
Freights Outlook:
  • Average hike in freight below 5% on fuel price hike
  • Fuel-linked adjustment to raise freight by avg 5%
  • No increase in parcel, luggage transport rates
  • Freight charges on urea up by 5.8%
  • Freight charges on diesel, LPG up by 5.8%
  • Freight charges on iron and steel, iron ore, cement up 5.8%
  • Freight charges on grains to increase by 5.8%
  • Freight charges on coal to rise by 5.8%
  • Scaled down FY13 freight target due to economy slowdown
  • 1,500 km to be awarded for dedicated freight corridor FY14
  • Propose fuel adjusted freight rate increase from Apr 1
  • To have dynamic fuel adjustment charges for freight tariff
Financial Operations:
  • FY14 planned investment 633.63 bln rupees
  • FY13 railway losses seen 246 bln rupees vs 225 bln yr ago
  • FY13 freight earnings revised target 859.76 bln rupee
  • Aim 45 bln rupees by scrap sale in FY14
  • Expect 66 bln rupee gain via passenger fare revision FY14
  • Depreciation reserve fund at 75 bln rupees
  • FY14 passenger earning target 422.10 bln rupees
  • FY14 freight revenue earning target 935.54 bln rupees, up 9%
  • FY14 operating ratio targeted at 87.8%
  • FY14 gross receipts target 1.44 trln rupees
  • Number of passengers to increase by 5.2% in FY14
  • FY14 gross traffic receipt target 1.44 trln rupees
  • FY13 gross traffic receipt seen at 1.25 trln rupees
  • Passengers earning target 325 bln rupees in FY13
  • Hope to mobilise 60 bln rupees via PPP route in FY14
  • FY13 operating ratio estimated 88.8%
Safety, Modernisation:
  • To make 10-year corporate plan for rail safety
  • Plan to introduce corporate safety plan for 10 yrs from 2014
  • Need support from central road fund to cut level crossings
  • Train protection warning system to be implemented
  • 10,797 level crossings to be eliminated in 12th plan
  • Won't add new level crossings
  • Safety fund provisioning inadequate
  • 40% of rail accidents, 60% of fatalities at level crossings