Presidential Elections: Support Dr.Meira Kumar

Bihar and Jharkhand governments have no choice but to support Dr.Meira Kumar. As defeat of "Bihar ki Beti" will invariably bring Shame to the Biharis and Jharkhandis (or erstwhile unified Bihar). Do you think that, people of Bihar will leave Nitish Kumar Scott - free, if Dr.Meira Kumar loses ? So, Nitish Kumar has very little option left but to support, Dr.Meira Kumar.

Moreover, if Nitish Kumar wants to fall in the BJP's well calculated electoral TRAP no one can save him in the next election.

Also, I am surprised to see Mr.Navin Pattanayak, so easily chewing the RSS bait. Orissa is a state, where there is large chunk of Tribal Christian voters loyal to the BJD (Biju Janata Dal). I am still to fathom, BJD's sudden electoral gamble of siding with the RSS and the BJP; when Mr.Pattanayak has been maintaining distance from them since some time.

Besides, the election of Dr.Meira Kumar, who is educated, experienced and very sober, might also correct some of the historical mistakes of not making her father, the Prime Minister of India.

Also, I don't think all the Muslim and Christian MPs and MLAs from the TDP and TRS will ever support a RSS backed Candidate, who acted against Dalit Christian and Muslin reservations. Therefore, invariably cross voting will take place, which might give the underdog, Ms.Kumar, a win. Support Dr.Meira Kumar, give a conscience vote and make her the 2nd Female President of India.

All the best to Dr.Meira Kumar.....👍✌

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Glodyne Technoserve Ltd: Buy
CMP: Rs.16.80
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In December, 2018, Glodyne Technoserve Ltd's US Subsidiary DecisionOne Corporation had signed services agreement with Vitera Healthcare Solutions that provides ambulatory electronic health records and practice management software & services.
"DecisionOne will provide comprehensive technology services and support with its technology expertise and highly credentialed national field service personnel. This is a multi-million deal spread over multiple years," the company said in its release.

The acquisition of DecisionOne enabled Glodyne to add fortune 100 client base, long entranced relationships, and a business, where there was huge opportunities to work on cost optimization and revenue expansion plans. 
Glodyne Decisionone Corporation has been working on building a good pipeline for the Business and it is confident of adding new deals in the coming years. Few of the large deals in the Technology Services,Healthcare and Manufacturing space are expected to expand the revenues of Glodyne Decisionone Corporation. The company got "Best Under a Billion" 2011-2012, award for the year 2011-12, by Forbes Asia. Also "Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award" was awarded to Mr.Annnand Sarnaaik at the The Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2011-12. It was also a winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 AsiaPac Programe 2011-12. Glodyne' Education Managed Services was announced as the winner at "World Education Award, 2011-12". ‘E-Shakti’ project of Glodyne was adjudged as the winner at ‘EDGE’ awards at INTEROP 2011. E-Shakti’ was declared as the best ‘ICT initiative in the Country’ at the PC Quest 2011 Awards. It has been ranked as one of the top performing mid-sized companies by Inc India. 
Surprisingly the scrip is trading at Rs.16.80, after falling from Rs.400 plus in just 8 months (June-July, 2012 to 1st February, 2013) time frame.
It is pity how the shares of a company of such size and proportion could trade below Rs.100. The share price fell due to external factors rather than the fundamentals of the company. Now if you talk of promoter's stake as one of the principles of share investing (which I feel is flawed and implies blocked mindset, as promoters may buy shares in "Benami" accounts too, which may not show up in the website site of Bombay Stock Exchange), then kindly look at the promoters' holding of Infosys Tech Ltd, Prime Securities Ltd, ITC Ltd, ARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd, Federal Bank Ltd,  Redington Ltd, Dr.Reddy's Laboratories Ltd, etc. What most of the new comers do not understand is that, a very high promoter holding is not a good sign. A diversified holding and a good presence of both domestic and overseas Financial Institutions (DIIs and FIIs) indicate that promoters have little room to make and carry out random decisions that benefit them without gauging how it would affect earnings and other shareholders. 
Now continuing with my discussion on the shareholding pattern, let me say that while I find Vanaja Sundar Iyer (From 2.73% to 2.84%) and SI Investments and Broking Pvt Ltd (From 1.47% to 2.02%) increasing their stake, speaking sequentially, the new entrant is the giant, ICICI Securities Ltd who has taken 1.37% in the company in December, 2012 quarter. Also, the total institional holdings has increased from 15.42%  in September  2012 quarter to 17.20% in December, 2012 quarter. Multiple funds holding stakes in Glodyne Technoserve Ltd, could be a sign of growth potential. Therefore, increase in institutional holding, on sequential basis, may mean your investment is a tad safer, since the company may now be more professionally run. This makes the scrip look further attractive. I am expecting series of upper circuits in the counter in the coming days. CMP: Rs.16.80.