Thursday, January 17, 2013

Southern  Online Bio Tech Ltd  hit another buyer freeze in the opening trade. The much expected diesel price hike has taken place and is positive for the companies in this space. This company as you know is into the making of bio-diesels. 
Suzlon Energy Ltd today touched Rs.19.90, after yesterday's panic selling. Any  hike in the diesel price is positive for renewable energy companies because the cost of producing power using diesel becomes costly. In such a scenario, naturally there could be shift towards the generation of power from renewable sources like wind, which Suzlon Energy Ltd is doing. 
Though the IT sector is expected to show firmness, both Geodesic Ltd (CMP: Rs.22.80)  and Rolta India Ltd (Rs.66.60) closed flat today. However, in the short to medium term, they should do extremely well. Both the companies have good order book positions and have presence in North America. 
Yesterday's Nifty buy call  (BTST) at 6025, T--6060, SL--5980, almost reached the target today, as Nifty touched 6052 intra-day. Yesterday, after I gave the call some over--smart fellows started to sell. These people who did not cover yesterday might have lost their deposits today. Now the re-elction of Barrack Hussein Obama, the change-over of the regime in Peking (China) and bringing in of P Chidambaram, has brought in lot of optimism in the Indian markets. Goldman Sacs, the world's largest private investment bank (which has on its roll, around 30,000 employees and 200 MDs and partner and whose salaries by Indian standards are mind-boggling) says, the US and China are the twin sources of growth. In the US, there is now a strong demand for housing and also hiring is improving. In China factory output and retail sales are so accelerating. These are green shoots, the jargon often analysts and experts employ to indicate, that a positive trend has emerged. Another important point to be noted is that the US, China, Japan, Japan, India and Brazil, constitute almost a third of the world economy and the good point is that all of them has started to perform.  In such a scenario, I would peg my medium term Nifty Target of 7750 (Spot). 
Crest Animation Studios Ltd today closed  at Rs.15.15, but the scrip has a great future ahead. I have already placed a brief report on the company at: