Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Southern Online Bio Tech Ltd hits another buyer freeze in the opening trade. As the diesel prices are going to rise, the stock price will also rise. It will go on hitting circuits in the coming days. If  you find an opportunity to enter then don't lose it. 
Suzlon Energy Ltd, moved to Rs.19.95,  before settling at Rs.19.75. I  had mentioned some days  back regarding the charts turning bullish and also fundamentals following the same. Those who have still not bought the scrip should do it immediately, as it has no negative news as of now. The company has  huge order book which cross Rs.40, 000 Cr last month, against an equity capital of only Rs.355.47 Cr (~ 112 times). I shall not be surprised if the stock becomes 3 times from here, in the next 3 months. It is because when a company gets support in working capital, gets 2 year moratorium on interest payment and then gets some waiver in interest rate, then money quickly flows into company's kitty, as the order book gets implemented fast. However, if you still fail to understand what I said, then kindly leave share market---this place is not for you. 
Crest Animation Studios Ltd, one of the biggest and sophisticated studios of the world, today touched Rs.18,  before coming down a bit. I had written a report on the company some days back, the investors might go through the same before entering the counter. Today it moved up with good volumes. 
Prakash Industries Ltd was recommended to the Paid Members/All those who are trading through my brokerage house at around Rs.53. The stock, touched Rs.56, before settling at around Rs.54.65. 
The promoters are constantly buying shares in Jai Balaji Industries Ltd. Now  when most of the steel stocks are showing  upward momentum, how can this share not imitate, the  upmove? I think the next logical targets for the scrip are Rs.42-44-48-52-57- 62- 66.  It is same steel and mining story.
Southern Ispat and Power Ltd hit another buyer freeze today. The scrip almost doubled from the recommended price of Rs.3.40, in less than 2 months time frame. 
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