Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Late Afternoon Call on IRB Infrastructure Ltd at Rs.120, saw it touch Rs.124, intra-day. Today was a great chance to pick up this stock, due to some special reasons. Join either my Paid Service or my Brokerage House to get full details. 2nd call of the day was a buy on Jai Prakash Associates Ltd at Rs.88. Jaiprakash Associates Limited, a member of the promoter group of Jaypee Infratech Ltd ("JIL"), earlier today informed the BSE that it wished to offer 27,864,584 equity shares of face value Rs.10 each of JIL for sale to meet the minimum public shareholding requirements as issued by SEBI ("OFS Shares"). In addition to the OFS Shares, the Seller may also sell up to 70,619,430 equity shares of face value of Rs. 10 each of JIL in the OFS (the "Additional Shares" and together with the OFS Share, the "Shares"). This has nothing much to do with Jai Prakash Associates Ltd and hence those who bought today, should see their share price appreciate in the coming days. 
Crest Animation Studios have fallen to around Rs.12.90, now it is time to accumulate the scrip, when there is a  mayhem going in the mid and small cap counters. Similar is the case with United Breweries Holdings Ltd at Rs.9 5.50. Similar is the case for Jai Balaji Industries Ltd at around Rs.34.
Where will be Nifty in the next few trading days? Should we accumulate more of Southern Online Bio Tech Ltd on all declines? To get to know all these  join my Paid Service or my Brokerage House. In these kinds of markets, when even it becomes difficult for the EXPERTS to make money, it could be suicidal if you are a NEW COMER and want to play in the markets on your own. When you go for the service of SPECIALISTS in every field, why in Stock Market, you want to prove that you are big, EXPERT. You prove yourself in the field of your specialty nor in some stray field. One or two times you might be right, but in the long run, more than 90% of the novices lose money in the markets. Do, you want to  Join their team of losers or want to make hassle free money from the markets? If you answer is positive then Join my Brokerage House and be in touch with me, 24x7 and make money over a period.