Monday, December 10, 2012

Mr. H K Gupta, goes  total black--out....??!!
Mr.H K Gupta, goes totally blank since the last couple of weeks, after my write up (on my blog/s) against his malicious self-glory and propaganda. However, before I say anything further, let me first admit that Mr. H K Gupta is one of the finest analysts from Bombay and I do have respect for him for his credible works and his research. I also do agree that many of his recommended scrips have given good returns to the investors, like his recommendation of VST Tillers Tractors Ltd at Rs.118 in 2007 (CMP: Rs.404) in the past. I do  not hold any personal grudge against him and here I have only criticized his approach as he writes for financial weeklies.
The problem is that: he always tries to prove that he is the best while all others are piece of junks. This approach cannot be accepted over period, especially when he writes on scrips like Kohinoor Broadcasting Corporation Ltd, without knowing inside out of the company. I have been watching him do this repeatedly, since last few years, and hence I decided to be a little sarcastic this time, so that he trims down a bit of his ostrich like approach.
And yes, after the diatribes on my blog a couple of weeks back, Mr.H K Gupta, has stopped penning in an investment magazine, since the last couple of weeks, where he used to present himself as "Holier than thou". This is the most unfortunate part of the story, coming from a senior analyst, like Mr.H K Gupta. This week there was an indirect writing saying he would not react to anything............!! This proves all............!!
Vision Mixing: Suman Mukhopadhyay
I mentioned in that post that he always tries to take credit about his calls, while trying to pull down the pants of not only investment advisers but also reputed companies (remember, his flop show in my recommended Sunil High Tech Engineers). He always forgets to mention his numerous shoddy calls which are nowhere, in the investment map of the regular investors: like Galada Power and Telecom, VBC Industries, Vinay Cement (Is the share still traded in the exchanges, Kakatiya Cement Sugar and Industries Ltd (recommended at Rs.131), Agro Dutch Industries (recommended at Rs.26), SSPDL (recommended at Rs.106), Andhra Petro Chemicals Ltd (reco at Rs.14.90), Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd (recommended at Rs.21), his much hyped Rain Commodities Ltd (recommended at Rs.192.95) so on.

You can check their CMPs now and I am sure most of you will be shocked to see that even after around 5 years, the scrips are below their recommended price--some by few miles.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Before taking high moral ground, please check your own back--yard.