Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Market Mantra
Southern Online Bio Tech Ltd as expected hit the buyer freeze in  the opening trade. I  have already mentioned why it should give wonderful returns going forward.
RDB Realty and Infrastructure Ltd (BSE Code: 533285)  today touched Rs.26.90. The company's December and March quarters are generally  money spinners. So, just invest and  wait for the Q3FY13 results to come. I am sure by that  time it would cross Rs.35--37.  For more on the company you can CLICK  HERE.
I  think correction is over in both Suzlon Energy Ltd (Rs.17.3 5) and IRB Infrastructure Ltd (Rs.127.30). Both the company has some superb stories to tell: Suzlon Energy Ltd will save few  hundred crores in terms of interest rate subvention by 300-400 basis points and at the same time would get 2 year moratorium  on the interest payment. IRB  Infrastructure Ltd has a strong hand in the form of two powerful politicians from two opposite conglomerates. This balances any negative effect in the counter and we would soon see it jet past Rs.150. When politicians are directly involved involved to  bail a company out do you need any other instrument in the market....If you do not  understand this simple logic, then you better stay away from the markets. We invest in the market based on some estimation. There could be accidents in any counter, but that risk has to be taken for greater  joy in future. Look at your mother, she takes so much risk in giving the birth of a chid. Why? Because small risk generally gives them  better future. Anywy, I do not want to tell the names of those powerful politicians, because I think you have guessed it correctly.  Hence both Suzlon Energy Ltd and IRB Infrastructure Ltd will have to give superb returns going forward.