Sunday, December 09, 2012

Join Either my Recommended House or Paid Service
This is to inform you that those who have applied for new demat/trading account in my recommended brokerage house, should wait for a little while to get your forms processed. Those who are yet to receive form, should send me a mail, so that I can take up the issue with the courier agency. Those whose forms have some pendency in the documents or in the forms, are requested to submit the same at the earliest to speed up the process.
A little delay for opening the accounts is due to too many applications reaching the office at the same time. However, I am confident that within a few days, your accounts (both share and commodity trading) will be ready for action. All of you will be having online trading facility with one of the best margin funding arrangements and hence you will lot of flexibility, as compared to many other trading platforms. Thanks for  your overwhelming response and observing this my firm have decided to give you further incentives, in the form of a more investor friendly offer.
Those who will  join my recommended brokerage house within 31st December, 2012, will get FREE subscription for 4 (four) years instead of 2 (two), unlike the earlier package. So, you save Rs.28, 000 in four years by just shifting to my recommended brokerage house. Besides, this they would get my help and the support of the members of the brokerage house to solve their problems. The brokerage will be at par with ICICI Securities but please do not think too much of the brokerage, because that is very small part of the trade. The real profit comes from proper choice of scrips at the correct time and then selling also with reasonable accuracy. Just imagine the recent case of Suzlon Energy Ltd---those Paid Members or those who are having accounts with my brokerage  house, were asked to buy at a much lower price, and hence they have made huge gains by now. Besides, this in these kinds of markets, when even the EXPERTS find difficulty to make money on a consistent basis, it would be dangerous/hazardous for a non-professional to trade in the market on his/her own. There are lot of other issues too, which I am sure you would find useful, once  you join my recommended brokerage house. 
Also, if you join the Paid Subscription within 31st December, 2012, you would get a discount of Rs.1000 on the subscription amount and Rs.3000 for 2-3 (two-three) years and a discount of Rs.4000 for a period of 4-5 (four-five) years. You may contact me either through Facebook or through e-mails: 
Therefore, to know the details of the new offers, please rush now, before the offer gets over. Happy Investing...!!