Monday, November 19, 2012

A buy on Nifty_5600, Call was given at Rs.41, it shot upto to Rs.46.20, intraday. I think it would reach its target of Rs.60, within a couple of days. The details of the call is given on my Paid Blog: The  Nifty_futures were also asked to buy to the Paid groups, at spot Nifty rate of 5560, with a Spot target of 5600, which I think will anyhow will be reached. Those who generally play in Nifty_Futures, would find both these calls attractive. 
A buy call was  given in copper at Rs.420--422, for a target of Rs.427--429. It has already touched Rs.426.80. Any positives in the US, will have a good effect on the commodity prices. I think this will be reflected in the steel stocks in the coming days.
A buy call was initiated in Tata Steel at Rs.366 for a target of Rs.380, in the next 5 days. The season of the steel sector has started from November, 2012 and I think we can expect most of the steel stocks showing good upward momentum in the coming days
A buy on Banking Counters were also given:
(i) Buy Allahabad Bank at Rs.134, T--Rs.147, SL--Rs.139 as the introduction of the Banking Regulation Bill is to be tabled in the Winter Session of the Parliament. 
(ii) Buy also, NBFC Stocks, like Buy Manappuram Finance at Rs.32.10, T--Rs.37--41.  Some of the brokerage firms are bullish and overweight on banks (private banks), infrastructure, real estate, telecoms and mid-caps. 
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